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HIT’s Secret – Dragon Ball Super

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Watch HIT’s Secret – Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. 41 minute vid, and it turns out to basically be a filler episode. I know it's technically canon, but everyone thought this was going to be a whole arc.

  2. I think champa hired hit because he knew that goku was the only thing getting in the way in the multiverse tournament.

  3. If I was champa I would be hitting Vados in the titties and the back and the mouth

  4. Dying in Dragon ball is nothing now. Not really a surprise that Goku dies and comes back to life.

  5. any advice I wanna start doin my own animé ?

  6. Why not to revive freezer and add him to the team for the tournament?

  7. you mfers talk to much instead of showing the actually videos

  8. goku hired hit to kill him or whis

  9. Lol people were wrong about the blue guy in the ep 71 preview

  10. goku is alive! i think mastar media deosn't see the episode 71 ending

  11. android 17 was about half as strong as cell….

  12. goku shouldnt really need kaioken times 20. hes alot stronger than he was at the tournament when they first fought. hes trained alot for one, hes also been in near death states and recovered via senzu bean a few times during the goku black saga which doubles his power everytime. so he would've powered up by a good amount.

  13. Isn't it obvious that it was Whiz that hired him through the help of Vados? This is part of Goku's "tough training" training

  14. the power blast he releases in the sky before he gets killed comes back to revive him.

  15. 17 and 18 are twins bro lol

  16. champa would be afraid of zen oh cuz goku is close with zen oh LOL

  17. I think whis has something to do with it idk he was acting weird too

  18. whis tells vados to hire hit.. to kill goku for his special training.. for the upcoming tournament 😛

  19. Androids 17 and 18 are siblings.

  20. Point #1. Hit would not hold back out of respect for Goku. First of all, he is an assassin. Killing the target is what he does. Second, he knows that Goku would not want him to hold back. It would be disrespectful for him to hold back both professionally and with Goku in mind.

    Point #2. If Goku actually died, his ki blast would not shock him back to life. His heart stopped and got restarted. Having your hard stop does not mean you are automatically dead. If it stays stopped for too long, that's when you die.

    Point #3. Of course Vados is acting as a representative for someone else. How does it not make sense? We don't understand why she chose to do this, sure, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. Something that doesn't make sense would be something that has everything explained to us but then doesn't fit in with what we know. Example, Vados being the one to hire Hit to kill Goku. Vados is much more powerful than Hit. If she wanted Goku dead she would do it herself, or convince Shampa to do it. That there is something more going on here that has yet to be revealed is obvious. Shampa would not be the one to hire him either because, again, Shampa would do it himself.

    Point #4. Seeing through a technique does not mean deciding that it's too much so you better knock him out before he improves any more. What it means is figuring out how to actually counter it. Goku does this all of the time.

  21. it could be that vados could have hired hit to kill goku because of that universes survival tournament… I do assu!E that that could be a reason of vados being a representative to kill goku…

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