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Hit is Obito Confirmed – Dragon Ball Super Episode 72

Hit is Obito Confirmed – Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Hit is Obito Confirmed – Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. what that Naruto background music at the end of this episode?

  2. Why call it time skip more like instant transmition

  3. goku won cuz of plot lets be honest here lol

  4. that's dumb as fuck u said hit is obito how in the hell your Brain cells are fried

  5. Masashi Kishimoto Should sue Akira Akira is a copy cat Bitch

  6. The amount of pull asses in dragon ball super

  7. what crap is this dont mix two animes u JUST CANT

  8. i dont get the whole obito thing….

  9. you do realise this was filler right?

  10. idk what they went for when the guy was talking about a "double one inch punch" but… in kung fu thats kill move so in my head that was goku saying "i just won. but spared you"….. the spear that his hand forms would be aimed at his neck if he had lethal intentions/ if they were using that hung gar move. from the form gun gi

  11. This episode is pretty much filler

  12. Y the hell they takin naruto moves,dang that has to take the rateings down

  13. By my understanding, Hits ability to skip time. Is not actually moving FTL. Hits makes an area around him to freeze in time. The same area goku breaks with his ki.

    Going a bit into physics. An object that is frozen like at Absolute Zero. Its electrons move VERY slow. I could imagine that at Stop Time. Electrons just stop moving at all.

    When Goku powered up. He could then transfer the momentum of the plasma of his ki into the frozen electrons. Making them star moving again making the Area around Hit that was frozen in time sync in time again, breaking his "Time bubble"

  14. What do u GET when there is 4 gottens.

    He's forgotten.

  15. Zen-kai boost for the MV Tournament. Goku is obsessed…..

  16. next thing you know is Hit is using bankai and can stretch himself because he ate a devil fruit

  17. so, basically and technically kagebunshin came from tienshinhan's.

  18. u made it sound like Goku is getting his ass whooped bad Goku wasnt using all his power till beerus shows up

  19. tien could use clones, Cell use clones, so naruto here? Nothing. Dragon ball on Naruto? YESSSSSSSSSSSS

  20. Still not seeing how hit is obito
    Probably just another theory

  21. speaking of your ichigo vs god of destruction, my only problem is the fact that their power level is completely stretched apart. for one, in my opinion and knowledge of both animes, ichigo is much, much weaker, even in his new forms

  22. you think the z fighters will need the dragon balls anymore, since FOR SOME REASON they can just revive themselves just by legit shooting themeselves

  23. hit is using molecular manipulation

  24. Why in the he'll is he calling Hit obito?

  25. you honestly need to watch the episodes again. your in left field and the ball was hit to right

  26. Did you know Four Tails in naruto is called Son Goku and the jinchurki is Roshi and goku's grampa's ball is a four star ball…… Naruto Copied?

  27. pause the video at 6:43 and there is no way you DBZ fanboys cant say that Hits eys are exact ripoffs from naruto go back and look at all the version of eyes from the series and even the spot of each eye is the same but Hits right eye is a much much weaker form of Obitos. and yes im saying Obito would wipe the floor with Hit…Hit would be a training dummy compared to Obito

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