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Has Vegeta Surpassed Goku? – Dragon Ball Super

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Goku got ssb kioken which doubles his ssb power vegeta can't do it and goku is getting new so goku is stronger even u7 vs u6 tournament vegeta said goku is always 1 step ahead

  2. Love my boy Vegeta. Love to see Vegeta back on top and stay there.

  3. Ill tell you why , he is the prince of all sayians !

  4. he is stronger i forgot what episode it was but even goku admits it

  5. As I expected, there is no proof of Vegeta being stronger than Goku.

  6. Well I Think Goku Stilll Stronger Because Trunks Galick Fun Isn't Enough And They Do Full Power Well Goku Beat Zamazu Himself

  7. :/ how didn't you mention that Vegita trained with whis longer. reaching God level by himself. As opposed to goku who has help. that puts their power level even.

    now add In the fact that Vegita train more then goku on average, plus the 6 months in the time chamber.
    I'm 80 percent sure that he is a stronger than Goku

  8. Vegeta is stronger than Goku
    Goku always takes credit by killing the villain
    Vegeta is the one who starts the fight and makes the villain tired

  9. So what happens when vageta goes white god and could him and Goliath fuse to make vegito or gogeta white god and would they then be more powerful than the Omni king

  10. Wait wait wait. Saying that Vegeta was the first to inflict real damage on Black. No.
    Trunks made Black BLEED. Before Vegeta even came back.

  11. I hope all over have watched the other episodes flowing this one I think this all answers the question. if you can not see it then clearly something is wrong the answer is Naw.!

  12. I'm not gonna even bother watching this bullshit. I know for the fact he'll never surpass, so shut the fuck up you vegeta fan boys

  13. goku is still stronger clearly, vegeta and future trunks together would match goku's strength overall and thats just base blue form

  14. Technically a bit more stronger,but goku still got kaioken which we didn't see him use yet.

  15. no vegeta did this cause of training i think maybe Akira.T Is realizing he doesn't want super to be like GT aka Goku Time

  16. did everyone forget about the near death factor that trunks vegeta and goku just went through??

  17. I wouldn't put much thought into the arc's fighting. It's been horribly poor. I doubt he remember'd zenkai boosts. And basically in the end it's going to become the same end plot nonsense as always. A fusion or some kind of pro Goku trick to save the day.

    BTW Toriyama doesn't give a flying fuck about his fans, my god man… Writing on the wall. He's doing it cus it's making him a good wage. That's it.

  18. Absolutely not. Goku has his ultra duechy SSB Kaioken. He's basically untouchable. The moment Toriyama unveiled that shit, Vegeta was doomed to be Krillin 2 making DBS the new DB. A sad and unfortunate plot twist. It was a really stupid idea.

    Honestly the entire idea of Goku just being better always really bothered me. Vegeta had the training, he had the lifestyle, he had the constant fighting, yet magically because plot no jutsu Goku is better.

    Typical really stupid japanese storywriting at it's worst, like always. Watching Vegeta go back to the time chamber was kind of like watching a proud man put on a pair of panties.

  19. maybe he already somehow reached next form while he was training and still hiding it. just a guess ^^

  20. i think vegeta isn't stronger.I think that since goku black is using goku's body and if goku hits him makes him stronger, obviously it is going to be wiser for vegeta to fight him

  21. Yes, Goku still has Kaio Ken, however right now, Vegeta with that time he put into the ROSAT is at the very least somewhat stronger than Goku at SSB, goku is pretty much on par with Zamasu right now while Goku Black, who is stronger than Zamasu, is being bullied by Vegeta. So logically, yeah he is.

  22. I think goku and goku black power levels are tied together, increasing simultaneously. Which is why they want to keep him alive in order to increase his own power.

  23. every time Goku surpasses Vegeta in the entire storyline of Dragon ball is due to techniques like Kaio ken x N (insert number required to beat next opponent) and unlocking transformations earlier (like SS1 vs Frieza, SS2 vs cell, SS3 vs Buu and the god power through ritual.)
    every time Vegeta catches up to or surpasses Goku it is due to hard work and training his ass off. So plot devices aside, Vegeta has always been stronger than Goku and will always be.

  24. At this point, Vegeta might've surpassed Goku. Before going to Trunk's timeline, Vegeta was in the hyperbolic time chamber, where he had tons of training, so I think Vegeta might be stronger than Goku here.

  25. Speculation is all you got it seems man. He is stronger than Goku right now and it's not even hard to see. Catch up Goku

  26. Hahaha you sound like the biggest Goku defender ever. Vegeta is stronger right now simple as that man.

  27. Ever since the end of the BoG arc Vegeta has been stronger in base and all other forms that they share. Goku was stronger Vegeta in the U6 arc due to the SSJBKx10

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