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Guide to the 5 Grades of Super Saiyan

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Hey guys – I understand there are a lot of gray areas and much of it doesn't really add up, but this is the data we have from the Daizenshuu. I've included links to the wiki in the description so you can read up for yourselves.

  2. 10 billion super saiyan full power.

  3. A ssj2 is 2 times ssj grade 4. So it's twice full mastred super saiyan. And that makes sense. whatever the multiplier of the other grades. Since grade 4 is the strongest.

  4. i didnt say know that the buffest was grade 3 i just called buff trunks

  5. Anyone else notice that goku could turn SSJG (Red) in the tournament of power? There are 5 sayians.

  6. So of super saiyan 2 is grade 5 what's ss3? Then ss4?

    Are there grades of super saiyan 2 ? Then 3? Etc

  7. So where would 3, ssj God yellow , ssj God red, ssj god blue and ssj blue kaioken at?

  8. Since there is an increased amount of muscle mass in grade 3 could Berserker Saiyan be split off from there?

  9. Wait where does ultra super saiyan 2 fall in is it grade 3.5

  10. SSJ2 is not a grade of SSJ1. It's an entirely different transformation, which is why there's a grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 for SSJ2 as well. There are only 4 grades of SSJ1.

  11. worth activity engineering such man shortly project sometimes accounting.

  12. that makes absolutely no sense. while it's written in the Daizenshuu, i have to take that with a grain of salt. I mean, if Grade 3 is as strong as it's saying, Gohan'd have absolutely no chance against Cell if Trunks couldn't damage him with that power

  13. ONE THING I REALLY WANT TO SAY: I have seen many reviewers, analists and powerscalers by now but to be honest often it all makes really little sense to me: Many say for example; ssj1= 50 times base, ssj2 a 100, and ssj 3 is 400 times Base, but if you follow the series well, you will easely see that that is totally not accurate, ssj1 grade 2 must already easely be 4 times ssj, if not more seeing how Cell and Android 17 where both much stronger than Vegeta before, and after ascending to grade 2 he dominated Cell (17 absorbt) like he was nothing. And it just goes on and on from there

  14. What about the grades of super saiyan 2? Didn't Trucks briefly use grade 3 or buff super saiyan 2 in the Future Trunks arc of Super? When he was sparing with Vegta.

  15. The super Saiyan has 4 grades . Not a 5th one

  16. i learned something, thank you!

  17. why isn't there something similar for the ssj3 transformation

  18. hmmm so were goten and trunks grade 4 when they faught 18 in the buu saga. seeing as they could easily be in their ss form without a draining affect or aura around them.

  19. The "grades" of SS just convolute the whole thing…

  20. We didn't need a guide to know Teen gohan was the 💩

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