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Golden Hit, My Biggest Donation Ever, Laughs – Stream Highlights

Golden Hit, My Biggest Donation Ever, Laughs – Stream Highlights Is Available on

Watch Golden Hit, My Biggest Donation Ever, Laughs – Stream Highlights Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. golden hit vs goku who is winner

  2. you need to do an animation of Ssj4 gogeta and Ssb vegito together

  3. And you're not pleasing fans by adding in more animes in your anime war. You introduce them just to have their character in the series. You know nothing about each anime. If you did a little research this series would have been very pleasing to the fans. They would get what they want to see. Anyone could make a plot like yours with no research. The only plot here is terrible. It's only transformations and fighting. It's absolutely repulsive.

  4. You think this requires any talent at all?? Anyone can do a basic view like this. Anyone. Anyone can color this easily. It just looks more jagged and unclean with the line tool. And for the shading you're just leaving white at the top and giving it a radial glow. Anyone can do that!

  5. I still support this guy just because I have faith he'll apologize one day. If any of you have seen Mastar exposed videos, and think they're bs, I think they were too, but I watched them and it's definitely changed my stand on this man. For those fans out there, you need to find out the truth. Please listen to me.

  6. What size do you use while you are animating because when im animating i use size 40

  7. first off that guy is not funny at all. cursing and screaming is not funny. anyways keep up the good work mastar

  8. Just don't ever rush through things. You will get worse if you rush. Take your time on it.

    I wish those people who wish you'd hurry up on your Anime wars would shut up and let you do things at a nice easy pace. Do not get overwhelmed or rush you will burn yourself out if you do. I'd hate to see you be another Alvin Earthworm, the guy who did SMBZ sprite animations, who quit his series because people rushed him too much.

    Just keep at it MaSTAR. You've done well so far and you keep improving as you go along.

  9. Even though he is so greatful to Pirate King Buggy, that doesn't mean he isn't giving others credit even though they can't donate. I can't donate unfortunately, but I'm just glad to watch your content.

  10. you deserve dat donation i wish i had that money to donate to you but im fucking poor

  11. Funny think I seen piratekingbuggy in tons of op

  12. If a Golden Hit matched up against a Super Sayain White Goku i think Goku would barely be able to take him out. But Goku would have taken serious damage after it would be over. Golden Hit however would absolutely demolish ssb

  13. what is the name off the song at the beginning

  14. Hit is a dickhead, literally

  15. I'm sorry but your not very creative are you, I mean this stuff is so predictable and overused it would be shit.

  16. who is this stupid piratekingbuggy

  17. You can also support him with telling your friends about his good work.

  18. stared dieing when he yelled world star😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  19. i wish hit could transform but he only improves

  20. رووووووعه روعه

  21. Wat is the name of the intro music Mastar nd u do great work

  22. Damn you are awesome animator !!

  23. I'm no animator, but this was a fantastic job, though (no offence plz no witch-hunt me) his head's linework looks a little off( plz no kill me…)

  24. so is hit golden hit gonna be in goku vs superman ?

  25. That was an awesome stream! Haha, nice drawing, also, man! 😁✌

  26. Draw what you think Omni Kings enraged form is please

  27. I had so much fun on your stream Mastar. It was LIT Bro 😀

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