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Goku’s SECRET Revealed!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers

Goku’s SECRET Revealed!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku’s SECRET Revealed!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Guys please don’t forget, since the beginning of dragon ball, it is said, SAIYANS GET STRONGER AFTER EVERY BATTLE!, I believe throughout this tournament they are getting stronger and stronger so after that beat down by Jitendra I, he perfects self movement 🤔 just a thought, PIN THIS IF U AGREE 👀

  2. No he will not absorb genki dama

  3. this still doesn't explain the red aura in the opening

  4. Feel like goku vegeta and gohan going to get mastery of self movement

  5. What is funny is that each time there is a new transformation, there is a set of new clothing with it.

  6. Might mean what who’s said I said this before the picture showed up

  7. first….it was said some time ago, in an interview by toriyama, why didn t he chose silver for the new transformation, and the answer was because the audience would be confused bcuz it would in parralel with the future villain.(and the vilain was, u guessed it ZAMASU )
    And second, i think his power will be the same…but if you remember , the reason he lost to freeza was bcuz the round guy shoot him in the freaking back(dude one of the most powerfull guys in the universe lost because of a laser..think about it) and thw only think that goku has been lacking of….is defence…so this will be the point of the transformation

  8. Fun tidbit: All the angels also have silver eyes, as did Merged/Zamasu and Goku Black in his Rose form

  9. The new form could be like false super saiyan and then he learns the form fully in another arc

  10. Isn't super saiyan blue just where they go super saiyan while using god ki? when did they say it was perfect ki control??? Doesn't even Goko just describe it as a saiyan god that has gone super saiyan???

  11. Is Goku channeling angel ki or something haha.

  12. Hey is there a place where I can watch episodes of Dragon ball super

  13. Yay hes stronger than beerus xd

  14. When goku was trying to locate hit, concentrating on finding his energy, bulma went too hit him and his body dodged her attack, he never dodges her swings, I’m certain this was a glimpse of goku learning self movement whilst his brain was deep in concentration trying to find hit

  15. So krillin could get this form?

  16. I've done it doing self defense street fights it happens doing fight or flight mode I've out fought every attacker and attackers with it or rage since 7th grade

  17. Tell the video stop talking just show the video

  18. MMM yeah i think he is also going to get a power boost because (in my opinion) it doesn't matter if you have self-movement control if you are way slower than the opponent whats the point then?

  19. Maybe Goku will not know how to control the new form like the girl broly losing control and with a lot of practice he will learn how to control it

  20. Even if goku has this form i could still flick him to death hmph!

  21. SSB consuming stamina has nothing to do with Ki leaking. SSB is not leaking Ki, but it's a form that's hard on body to keep. Other than that, great video!

  22. By fighting Jiren he learned Self movement from Jiren.

  23. This self-movement stuff was meant to be a new thing in dragon ball, but Goku mastered this ability since he was a kid, when he trained with Kami and Popo. Popo's training was exactly meant to teach that if you remember.

  24. Red – speed , blue – ki control , silver – movement 🤔 building up To

  25. I am gonna be super mad if goku gets the new form at the very end and we dont get to see him use it at all…..

  26. But still how do he gets it without training

  27. I think, Jiren has mastered body moves on his own. As we can see in few epispdes back. Jiren perfectly dodgea all attacks.

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