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Goku’s New Super Saiyan Silver – Dragon Ball Super

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Watch Goku’s New Super Saiyan Silver – Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Zamasu also has grey eyes! Capiski?

  2. True Saiyan God Goku. I think he will absorb the actual god ki that zeno and the angels use when he gets the energy from the spirit bomb he creates for jiren.

  3. stop just stop you keep saying super saiyjan god and super saiyjan blue. you realise super saiyjan blue is god form too right !

  4. what if the elder ki unlocked him from the stands or beerus steps down whis promotes as a god or those two bugs bite him and he get possessed as a demon lol or jiren kicks the spirit bomb back hits goku he dies but rises from the grave like Jesus jiren not disqualified or he just hit his head again gets pissed

  5. Super saiyan silver is I think it should be called

  6. How is dis going to impact vegeta

  7. I hope Dragon Ball Super continues for like 10 more years and we get stronger and stronger forms. I mean, why else do we watch DB?

  8. It may be super saiyan dragon (ssd)

  9. I will subscribe to anyone that subscribe me
    1subscribe =1subscribe
    1 like = 10 view or 15 view

  10. Why you didn't like your own comments

  11. Legend says goku……………………… Oh wait, he is a legend

  12. Its called limit breaker you overrated fraud of an animator….

  13. Maybe somebody kills Gohan right in front of Goku's eyes which triggers this form.

  14. I guess I wasn't the only guy who personally called it super saiyan silver. Huh. It really rolls off the tongue nice.

    I personally believe it may go something like this: there are barely any universes left. Goku and his friends are being pushed to their very limit. Being so close to the end, they put out all they can, but they still struggle. In this time and point, Jiren has also finally joined the fight, and is pushing them back. FAST. In due time, Goku finds more and more of his friends falling off the stage, until it seems he's the only one left. Goku knows he's their last hope. That he's all they have left. He does all he can to stop Jiren, and win, but 2 things could happen next. #1, Jiren successfully nocks Goku off the stage, and universe 7 is considered defeated. Then, universe 7 is proceeded to be erased, with the exception of Goku, since he's such a great friend with Zeno. Goku, heart broken and furious beyond imagine, demands that he will do anything, absolutely anything to get his universe back. Then, the Zeno's enjoying Goku's company and fighting, proceed with a deal. Since they hate to see goku so sad, and want to see him fight more, put Goku back in the tournament, allowing him to have one last chance to win. If he does, in some way his universe can be brought back, maybe with the super dragon balls. Goku, now furious and determined to restore his universe, enters the tournament again. Jiren, knowing Goku has returned, goes to defeat him again. Knowing he's out of options, and needs to pull all he has, Goku does the unimaginable. He fully absorbs the power of super saiyan god, and the power of blue into himself, now having this all-mighty power within him, he pulls out his new full power, fuelled with rage. Having this new power, and complete rage, he transforms, and obtains his new form.
    That, or #2 Having being pushed back, and having the fate of his loved ones on his back, he pulls out his maximum blue kaioken, and tries to fight off Jiren. Unfortunately, he still lacks the power to beat him. He is pushed back , and drained of his energy. As he lays there, drained, and about to lose, he realizes what is really happening.
    He's been fighting in a complete death match. No, something worse. He's had to fight these great and innocent people, and ended up erasing their worlds. He now realizes, what it felt for them, right before they lost.
    Something wakes up deep in goku. An undeterminable rage. A rage for a blind plight to commit mass genocide, on the highest level. He knows he must do something. He must avenge all that have fallen. He'll make them pay for what they've done. In his rage, he pulls in all of the power he has, fully absorbing the strength and power of both SSJG and SSJGSSJ, and explodes, in an unbelievable burst of energy. He's truly becomes a god. And he WILL avenge the fallen. He will bring justice!!!

    That's all I've got. Probably won't actually happen, but its still really cool to consider. And to think and theorize about. What do you think? I'm open to any and all opinions. 🙂

  15. This form is sexy as hell. I hope he reaches it by rage. Something similar to his SSJ Transformation against freeza on namek.

  16. What if bulma wished to make goku stronger while goku was in the tournament..?

  17. i don't know if someone already pointed this out or not but ssb is stronger then ssg. they say that in the show, but ssg is faster. so it could be a combination of the 2 forms. but I want to see them bring back ssj4. monkey man for life

  18. Why are so many Vegeta fans just plain rude…

  19. I think gokus new form is blue at max kaiokhen

  20. Man…..fuck Goku. Give Vegeta a unique superior transformation. He deserves it. After all, he is the king of all saiyans.

  21. i think the silver eye goku is the base version of the limit breaker and the red one is the super sayian version of the limit breaker

  22. looks like super sayan blue plus Gohan Mystic forme

  23. So…. the losing universes are erased the moment they lose their last warrior… so having goku fight the zenos is totally pointless , that is not a possibility anymore after knowing that the losing universes get erased instantly.

  24. Honestly, I hope it overwhelms him, that's it's too much power and he goes into a rage and has to control himself like he did with super saiyan 4 or when he was losing his temper the first time he went super saiyan. Think about it…that much power? A human surpassing the powers of a God? He shouldn't be able to maintain it long and if he can it should consume him. It should be a transformation that's like the kaioken of super saiyan, useful but very very dangerous. And then Vegeta can just bow down to his knees and name him king of the saiyans already lmao

  25. he becomes evil… and Vegeta beat his ass then!

  26. SSJ4 is a form like that, he is at full power all the time,only strong guys managed to beat him like Syn Shrenon

  27. Are you the publisher to talk about this

  28. The Best transformation would be the one Toyotaro drew for dragon ball AF with long hair in white, anyone here know what I am talking about?

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