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Goku’s NEW GOD FORM vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power 1 Hour Special

Goku’s NEW GOD FORM vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power 1 Hour Special Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku’s NEW GOD FORM vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power 1 Hour Special Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Goku’s NEW GOD FORM vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power 1 Hour Special watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. You know what should've been a 1 hour special? Me vs. Vegito…

  2. Wind,water and fire makes his new form

  3. I have seen Gohan beat Jared and I've seen Goku beat Jared

  4. I hate to tell you but Jared lost

  5. Perfect synch of kaioken and blue, am I right?

  6. So is it:


  7. Remember battle of gods when goku trasformed into god form again on his own he figured out how to do it and made it better. thats my theory on this form

  8. I'm excited about his new form but also the look on all the gods faces lol

  9. Definitely perfect ki control form. Every other transformation has had larger sure around him. He's contained it completely. Everything else like rings and flame in the background is just art

  10. What if its a combination of super saiyan 1-2-3 and super saiyan god blue and red. Or is his last form already a combination of all of his prior forms? Or it could just be a combination of blue and red.

  11. yo i watched that video :

    and i thaught maybe it could be that aura 😛

  12. It should be almost imposible for goku to fall of and when he does he just use instant transmission

  13. it looks fucking sick cant wait


  15. can anyone give me the link to trailer plz

  16. what if this is goku becoming a GOD OF DESTRUCTION!

  17. Goku is about to kick some asses..

  18. There might even be some kaeyo Ken on this.

  19. its like ssb combined with ssG…

  20. In the intro Goku is fighting Jiren in his base form and they seem to be on par. Maybe Goku goes Kioken x20 in his base form.

  21. You know when you say "asspull" it is hard for me to see what you mean by that since in anime war asspulls are everywhere like you get piccolo going namekian god in the very first fucking episode and gohan mixing mystic ssb and all that shit so you cant really say asspull since asspull is everywhere in ur series. Goku goes omni fucking wtf idk god in the beginning so ur series doesnt make sense at all

  22. NOW THATS not goku thats kakorot awaken after all that memory lost as a baby we got the true saiyan side awaken

  23. I don't think it's a combination of god and blue but yes it does make sense for the simple fact god has waaay more stamina and speed than blue while blue has way more power so that's not an ass pull it's actually brilliant in my opinion

  24. MaStar! – dude, Ive been trying to tell everyone for MONTHS that this new form from Goku was hinted to us waaaay back in the Battle of Gods MOVIE – When Goku absorbs beerus's Last mega blast, remember Beerus asks him how he was able to absorb/block the blast? Goku said he didn't really know…
    I predict that goku will tell them all and Us that he had tapped into some "real God" power type shit, and that he was saving it for blah blah blah.

    You heard it here first fuckers

  25. Super saiyan red and blue combined makes sense

    Utilising super saiyan god (red) form goku is able to save much more stamina and heal himself his speed is also increased combine that with the explosive power and control of blue. And you get this

    If anything this seems like a perfect god form where goku can use 100% of his god ki and not lose stamina so easily

  26. Could it be he finally can have kio ken with SSG without needing to heal himself so he has both speed,mower, and strength?

  27. It could be he made 2 elements (water and fire) into a form with ssgss

  28. But when you mix red and blue you get purple so it means he got purple saiyan

  29. If this turns out to be a "Goku gets new form and wins against Jiren" then it would be the most lame thing ever. I hope that Goku gets his ass kicked badly.

  30. it would ne sick if this limit breaker form was only half way transformation for something even more epic

  31. This will be amazing if this is on wallpaper engine

  32. how powerful is goku ssgod was universal and ssblue kiaoken×10 is multiversel how powerful is he I must know

  33. Why do people think vegeta deserves it more ,he's a jealous crying bitch

  34. This Could Just Be The Ultimate Zenkai Boost

  35. I can't wait to get my ass beat

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