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GOKU’S NEW FORM REVEALED!!! New Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 Preview

GOKU’S NEW FORM REVEALED!!! New Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 Preview Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch GOKU’S NEW FORM REVEALED!!! New Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 Preview Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I gotta theory…. So u know how goku does the spirit bomb by getting ppl to give him their energy? And u know how there are 6 full saiyans in the tournament? Goku cabba caulifla kale Vegeta and Gohan…. I'm thinking they let him their energy….. Cuz in battle of God's when Gohan's unborn half saiyan child was used to power Goku to "ss god" I think it was a false or at least weaker version of the actual ss god…. I'm thinking that now that there are 6 full saiyans who powered the spirit bomb and Goku absorbs it…. He has become the actual ss god that beerus saw in his dream…. That's my theory

  2. !!!!!!!TRUE SUPER SAIYAN GOD!!!!!!!!! Guarantee all the saiyans put energy into the spirit bomb. 4.5 saiyans > 2.75 saiyans. This may be the same idea of how he got the red haired version. But the black hair is true god form.

  3. I'll call this new form True Saiyan God Form.

  4. The one hour special day will be October 8 to 9???

  5. Potential Spoiler alert my theory on how goku achieves the new form. Jiren will deflect the spirit bomb back at goku. Goku will grab it and absorb it. Back within himself. The spirit bomb contains energy from everyone including Zen-O-sama. He will achieve Goku Beyond Saiyan.

  6. i cant wait to see vegeta's reaction to this.

  7. I don't think goku loses or gets knocked out. Id give my thoughts on why but im not going to write a book. Also frieza had a plan but he has not fully implemented it yet. Just a little of what im seeing. Time will tell, welcome to my ill mind

  8. Most exciting thing to happen in a long time!

  9. What about Topo interrupting the fight between goku and jirem ? And meanwile the rematch between topo ang goku take place, hit comfront jirem?

  10. maybe its triggered by mixing energy of destruction with the spirit bomb.

  11. Ssj Pure I’m calling it now

  12. I think its an evil form evil god ki

  13. My perdiction : Yamcha gonna be the last person standing.. OH!! Wait!

  14. Don’t think I’ve looked forward to anything more than this

  15. Beerus gonna confirm that Goku's new form is the one he dreamed of

  16. We better get some fight with Gokus new form in the 1 hour special no bs cliffhanger

  17. What if jiren has a TRANSFORMation?

  18. Boys lets have another frieza fight with goku and jiren

  19. What does 10 – 8 – 9 mean?

  20. I think im gonna die because of this hype feeling

  21. 1. Hit saves Goku before he was about to get knocked out. 2. Hit asks Goku to fight Jiren

  22. I'm thinking that this new form is somehow a combination of Blue and Kaio Ken. You can see red and blue sparks around him so that is why I think this is it.

  23. I've been saying for months that it couldn't be his new form because they would never be stupid enough to let us know what it would look like so far ahead of time.
    holy crap they sure got me…

  24. Goku gets beat up by jiren while using the kio ken ×20 and vageta saved his ass lol

  25. When is part 3 of your animation coming?? It is just awesome!

  26. at least it looks better than ssb

  27. If only Krillin unlocked mystic form

  28. why would you want goku to absorb the spirit bomb in order to get his new form. that would be lame as hell. i want him to get that power permanently not by using the spirit bomb thats a disappointment.

  29. thats the form of a God of destruccion!

  30. Anyone else counting the hours for this amazing battle 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  31. Wouldn't it be cool if somehow in the maniac Saiyan Goku lost and vegeta was already out. So somehow it awakens Gohan to some other level of Mystic bc he starts to think everything has fallen upon him and he can't fail, since he kinda relies on emotion. Idk might be a little op for Gohan to go up that fast on power level but id love to see Gohan against jiren.

  32. I think when new goku form comes out lord bills is going to have the same vision again of this lengedary fighter who can beat him

  33. You know what I think…. I think Goku was trying to absorb the god power when Freeza thru it at him and he couldn't do it. Now when he used the Spirit bomb I think when Jiren sent it back he accomplished absorbing it and now he's filled with Kaioken, god ki, and spirit hi. That's how his ki looks in that form. Like a mix of the three.

  34. My theory is that jiren will throw the spirt bomb back n the spirt bomb powers goku up because he is pure hearted

  35. Talk about the possibility that jiren could Trasform nobody as brought up limit breaker goku vs transformed jiren possibility and what it would mean.[

  36. Welp bye vegetables you thought you were gonna surpass goku tho hah no lol

  37. Lets hurry up and get master to 1 million subscribers all the hard work he puts in he deserves it

  38. Well… Goku has absorbed or disapated the attack beers through at him in battle of gods, maybe the same thing is happening here just a different outcome!

  39. Why you say he absorbs the light?Who tells you that?The way I see it is that Jiren is fighting back against the genkidama and Goku tries to put more strength to hit Jiren with the same genkidama. The trasformation happens after He fails also with that spirit bomb

  40. Hit sees the new form, says to himself I want a piece of that but needs to take out Jiren to do so.

  41. I read online that the clown God gives jiren his ki so if it's true jiren is cheating

  42. I think he is gonna go threw the spirit bomb and absorb the power well goes kiaoken x20

  43. wait how can 2 episodes last 1 hour?

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