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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. wait!! what If this is super saiyan 4??

  2. Looks like the same form in episode 14 because it was shown where he punch beerus sphere of destruction……

  3. Looks tight here, but super animation will make it look trash

  4. I'm not a huge fan of this design. Something is off. And cat pupils? Wth toei?

  5. i dont know what are you guys talking about…. the episode is here… there is no NEW transformation its just super saiyan god again calm down people….

  6. If u look a goku eyes they look like #17 eyes, Goku&#17 fusion

  7. SSG can heal so it is obvious that he powers up to SSB kaioken x 100 with healing of SSG perfected in his base form

  8. ma i sottotitoli in italiano come mai non ci sono .

  9. Next transformation will be….

    Super saiyan God super saiyan God 4 super saiyan 2.5 legendary G mode

  10. lol its a copy past mistake from ssj4

  11. he gonna scream for 4 episodes for this transformation

  12. smh not even cool. they are overdoing transformations in super, 3 new transformations in just over 100 episodes? like seriously? it seems like every week we get some new asspulled bullshit. fuck super

  13. I honestly don't know why I like this look so much to me this and ssj4 are the best transformations appearance wise

  14. His new form is… not really all that interesting…
    His black hair lifted a bit and his eyes changed… and the aura color is just blue…. meh.
    If I had to guess, this is a "god" version of Kaio-Ken. Ssjb with Kk was a big deal, so I'm thinking he's mastered them both together.

  15. Does he have like feline or reptilian -like eyes?

  16. This looks like a classic dbz transformation now. Truly awesome can't wait to see this.

  17. This new form have realy sence, because Gohan god power is about Black spiky hair and big pressure aura

  18. mastar do u think that priest is evil or good

  19. I wonder if this is Perfected SSB Form….? Kinda looks like the Manga drawing when goku fought fused zamasu and was used used the hakai. I hope vegeta does gets a surprise form like this too.

  20. I still think the Chocolate leak form , The one with SSJ styled Red hair is the true final form, this is just a halfway point into the transformation. Also they want to sell merchandise, if it was this this form in the video it would be hard to sell because it looks so much like Base form, My moneys on the Red SSJ styled haired final form.

  21. I'm happy. Looks cool, strong, and not too colorful.

  22. This sayain called kaioken limited or other but I know it kaioken x 1m or other

  23. There will never be an ultimate anything because they constantly get stronger

  24. "Dragon form"

    His eyes looks like the eyes of a dragon

  25. I think is a mid transformation and if you see the eyes, which are grayish, it could be that he's about to transform into Super Saiyan White.

  26. I hope there’s more moves in this transformation instead of more faster moves and stronger hits😒

  27. This isn't a transformation this is just Goku's hair raising slightly and gaining a few more pounds! You all are saying it's badass but it's just Goku :p oh, and grey Eye contacts

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