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Goku’s NEW FORM LEAKED… by a Dragon Ball Super Chocolate!?

Goku’s NEW FORM LEAKED… by a Dragon Ball Super Chocolate!? Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku’s NEW FORM LEAKED… by a Dragon Ball Super Chocolate!? Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. i hope its the silvered eye limit breaker form i been seeing

  2. goku not get red kio ken form

  3. his new chocolate form new TRANSFORMATION CHOCOLATE GOKU FORM I wonder how strong it is

  4. What if this was FSSJ Returning?

  5. Coz other people say black hair and red aura

  6. Maybe it is super kaoiken but mastered

  7. What's funny is that the original chocolate pack does not have a red colored hair art they both are ssj blue

  8. Maybe thats super saiyan rose black

  9. Come on I want Ssj rainbow the most powerful Ssj form.

  10. The true ssgss? Super saiyan version of ssg?

  11. New anime called 'Dragonpuss Y.

  12. What next? Ultimate God SSJ? SSJSJSJSJSJS Goku? Green Hair??? -_-

  13. What if the pic isn't goku but gohan and his new ultimate form that was shooting for. Gohan is wearing the same gi as goku

  14. What if goku mixes ssg and ssgss aura and power?

  15. SSG is a state, SSGSS is a form from SSG, which s why he needs to be in his 'Saiyan Beyond God state', and it is what SS is to base. The new form will be SSGSS2, or Super Saiyan Red, hence the 'event' hat will happen will enrage him, breaking through the barrier, again. The form after, could be any of the following; Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Indigo or Purple. I think its going to be purple because Beerus, Champa, Hit and Xeno all have the colour purple as a majority.

  16. Yellow+red+blue=Brown

    true story….

  17. Its just ss god red with the spiky hair

  18. There should be a great form in a human sized body

  19. Say what you will about the transformation, I just hope they at least present it in a badass way….I'll accept at least a god damned dark Crimson aura surrounding him

  20. goku's new form is just his old god form i think check the episode preview.

  21. I feel like his new form with be the full controlled untapped form of ssj god with no limits. The blue version of just the ssj version of Ssj god.

  22. Was gust thinking bout something in when goku was fitting beerus and goku stopped bierce's last attack he turned red gust like in the new intro is this a hint even from way back then

  23. What if they make super kaioken canon before the new transformation ?
    And then the new form appears !

  24. Wanna bet Frieza is gonna be mid way on his plot interrupting Jiren and Goku and Goku is just gonna flip out and go all out to kill Frieza.

  25. I think goku is going to fix ssb and ssg and make the ultimate God form.

  26. Those hairs look pretty similar to SSJ4 Gogeta

  27. I think its SSG with kaioken. They already confirmed SSG will appear again, maybe Goku goes SSG and uses kaioken. Make sense.

  28. How about this. Maybe the chocolate is referencing Goku black in rose form. -mind blown yet? 😒

  29. i would like to see goku a new rainbow color hair next time

  30. So………..what? The new form of goku will be saiyan god while using god ki  hence the super saiyan  god with crimson hair standing up?!

  31. Looks more like black gokus super saiyan rose

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