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GOKU’S NEW FORM IS INSANE!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 & 110 Full HD Review

GOKU’S NEW FORM IS INSANE!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 & 110 Full HD Review Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch GOKU’S NEW FORM IS INSANE!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 & 110 Full HD Review Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I think Frieza will shoot the blast but it will give Goku some energy. Their relationship is evolving, it’s starting to remind me of Batman and Joker. He knows that Universe 7s only chance is the form Goku just attained. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays the new Vegeta role in a sense. (His rivalry which Goku keeps him reaching new heights). I think Frieza will remain a reluctant ally seeing there are bigger stronger guys in the multiverse.

  2. I'm 100% sure frieza is referring to the time Goku have him energy on name to survive. I think he is going to give him a little boost so he can recharge a bit faster.

  3. I think freiza is going to give goku energy like at the ending of their fight of namek when goku game energy to freiza.

  4. I think Freeza is gunna lend him his energy like goku did for him

  5. What if Frieza is about to give goku some of his energy, like Goku did ?

  6. I think that frieza give some energy to goku as goku did when frieza was cut in haf (sorry for my bad english)

  7. Well Goku doesn't have the Red Ki i wonder if the red ki he will have is jires ki or or he slightly masters Ultra Instincts and evolves that form even *FURTHER BEYOND*!😂

  8. freeza is giving him his energie

  9. Incase universe 7 wins.I think they will use the Super Dragon Balls to bring back everyone who were erased

  10. I think Frieza is going to give Goku energy like Goku did Frieza back in Namek

  11. Frieza is going to heal Goku by giving him energy like Goku did for frieza on Namek obviously

  12. I think that Frieza was giving Goku some energy just like Goku did with Frieza

  13. The heat must be his energy out put. In resemblance to Super Saiyan 3

  14. MaStar Just have a look at this : I have a theory about the form:-
    When the spirit bomb exploded. It shrank into a black hole (that’s what happens when a dense object shrinks to a small size) and it exploded like a supernova. Goku fell into the black hole and got teleported into another dimension where he met another fallen angel whom taught him ultra instinct. He mastered it in a “hyperbolic chamber” which slows time(no one could sense goku). But then he returns with an energy blast and while his return to reality his memory and body suffers time strain but still he’s fully transformed.

  15. When team4star gets to his

    Jiren: assassin of U6, what do you want?

    Hit: im working

    Jiren: what time does your shift start?

    Hit: in ten minutes

    Jiren: did you clock in ?

    Hit: nah, i got time, no rush.

  16. Soooo many question
    Was Frieza giving Goku energy?
    Can Goku maintain that form?
    Was Jiren effected by the fight?

  17. Well episode 110 was one of top 5 episodes of all time and btw Mastar Media great video like always bro 👌

  18. i think frieza will give goku some of his energy just like when goku gave frieza some of his power in namik

  19. But but how can Jiren Rise his eyebrows when he doesnt have eye brows.

  20. goku's dark blue ki and his demonish roar may be related…

  21. What I don’t understand is what’s Gokus new transformation name is. Limit Breaker or ultra instinct

  22. guys , frieza is giving him energy like in namek

  23. MaSTAR Media what if frieza will give energy to Goku like Goku did back on Namek and that’s why he says “This brings back memories” just food for thought

  24. Frieza is giving Goku Energy same as what Goku did to him on Namek!!!! Goku was shown in the next epsiode….Awesome Review mastar

  25. "this brings back memories" what he meant was when he hadno energy to move to escape namek, goku stared at him and spared energy so he could escape. that's what's gonna happen frieza is gonna give him hi's energy.

  26. And the website crashing lol today was a crazy day

  27. Frieza won't hit goku instead give his energy i think.

  28. Can he transform back into ultra?

  29. This episode (110) make all anime, all marvel, all dc like amateurs (yamcha level) xD

  30. i think frieza appreciate what kakarot do for him he want spare frieza's life but frieza was stupid to realize and now frieza perhaps wanna be one of kakarot's friends 🙂 or give him energy again

  31. He's going to give Goku some energy.

  32. The reason frieza said that is because goku gave him energy when he was depleted , so when he says this reminds him, I have a feeling frieza is going to lend goku energy

  33. Frieza is going to give him power just like how Goku did for him back on Namek. He's probably going to help them out until the end then betray them.

  34. When frieza says this brings back memories he is referring to when Goku stood over Frieza on Namek right before he gave Frieza some of his power to get off. Frieza is going to give Goku some energy

  35. Jiren out here using a different kind of sharingan

  36. Freeza is giving Goku energy.

  37. What the hell, praising animations in dragon ball super?? It sucks balls!

  38. Frieza is giving his ki to Goku for retrieving Goku….😊😊

  39. That's why he said what he said again freeza has another motive he what to manipulate the gods he wants to win . He knows goku is above him but he wants to use the super dragon balls to do something more menacing . Watch …

  40. Vegeta doesnt seem angry about Goku's new form. He must have something up his sleeve.

  41. this is the main point. Goku's body always evolves. just like when he became super sayien god for the first time to fight beeres. his body learns the power on its own. taking him back to his base for to even give Beeres a challenge. wait until he recovers from this. hell get even stronger. they should have saved that power for tge every end of the ark but with Goku knocking jerin the beast out of the ring

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