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Goku’s New Attack

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Watch Goku’s New Attack Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE KAMEHA-CON Facebook Page!! More info will be posted in coming days. https://www.facebook.com/kamehacon/

  2. OMG every time I skipped 10 seconds all I heard was samasu

  3. 3:37 Gods of destruction can probably use it easier though (like, little to no ki usage at all) also seems to work faster.

  4. "10% of its power because it puts incredible strain on your body"…. SSB is a form of complete ki control and calmness. It has no strain whatsoever.

  5. Goku can learn techniques like how he learned the kamehmeha from Master Roshi

  6. I love Goku and Vegeta new godly techniques


  8. Oh boy, Goku hakai is stupid, forced and nonsense like all Trunks power ups and some people here praise this shit -.- The same people that probably say that anime Trunks is a mary sue.

    The coherence. Toyotaro is just a Goku wanker.

  9. "Being a god" literally has no meaning now
    And now Goku can kill anything with one move

    Complete bullshit— This just broke everything— Super is now better by default


  11. i think the technique requires god ki

  12. so i know manga differs greatly in many shows… but shit. i never read the super manga….

    How much different is Super anime vs Super manga?

  13. Like, the manga feels like its straight up bad writing.
    1. Kais should not have the one hour problem at all its so dumb that only a supreme kai is not considered a mortal.
    2. Trunks being able to heal people. Thats dumb. I know the spirit sword bullshit was lame but its nothing compared to the manga bullshittery.
    3. How did Goku learn hakai? he have never witnessed it once and it feels like a bullshit ability for mortals to have.
    4. Vegetas Gama blast, if its so strong that it can blow up these monsters with ease, then why didn't he use it before?.
    Like the manga is starting to feel more than a fanfic than the real deal.

  14. Best moment in the episode aside from the Final Kahhh? When Goku hits the Basil i believe with 2 really small Ki balls lmaoooo funniest shit ever

  15. so erm ur telling me that the manga doesnt follow the anime? jesus

  16. The manga future Trunks arc was way better than the anime future Trunks arc

  17. Why the hell did they leave this out of the Anime…..

  18. Goku: Hakai!!!
    Vegeta: It's over 9,000!!!!!!

  19. goku is there when beerus use hakai on zamasu..why does people said he not there..goku see the technique and maybe learn from it

  20. So does Hakai only work on those weaker than you or no?

  21. Oh my god, this is the worst arc of the series. You know you've fucked up when Toei writes your story better than you.

  22. You know this just put a huge hole the story. As to why that bubble-gum flavor elephant hakaishin didn't use that on Zamasu?

  23. this dragon ball super made alot of attention by its unpredictable stories ……
    near 2.5 billion people now engaged all over the world on saturday only to watch the DBZ super …. i am totally a fan of it now ….
    epic ………………..

  24. Goku got plot power even though Vegeta was supposed to be stronger here

  25. You're following the manga's canon, but if Goku was there in the anime, he was there period.

    The anime is canon in this case.

  26. Look at those teared clothes.. I miss those.

  27. Stepping the subject aside, The drawing in the manga is really good. Toyotaro knows what hes doing.

  28. Hey guy ladies watch your videos too

  29. Goku can kill Superman CONFIRMED!

  30. For fuck's sake, what in the flying fuck does hakai mean?

  31. Im just wondering why everyone is so frigging hypey hypey because Goku unlocking Hakai..

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