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Goku’s GENKI DAMA vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Preview HD

Goku’s GENKI DAMA vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Preview HD Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku’s GENKI DAMA vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Preview HD Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Goku’s GENKI DAMA vs Jiren! Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Preview HD watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. What’s a genki dama? Is it just the spirit bomb

  2. goku turns spirit bomb into new form of energy

    10/10 theory

  3. Major possible spoiler!!! Time runs out Jiren and Goku and a few others still in ring. Winner wishes back all universes that lost!!

  4. Jiren is a real god of destruction,he is more stronger than the god of destruction of his universe

  5. finally finally finally finally i cant wait for the episode 109 it will be SUPER COOL !!! i cant wait it will be amazing right guys woooow i really cant wait i dont sleep im from waiting the episode this gonna be super amazin crazy cool thats gonna be fun and maybe goku will be limit breaker and yes guys do you think jiren will be alive after the spirit bomb crash on him i dont think so no body before get alive from the spirit bomb maybe spirit bomb will get a new name like ultimate super spirit bomb or ultra spirit bomb whatever i just wish the episode wont take long i cant waaaait

  6. I don't want him to absorb the genki dama to get the limit breaker Dx, I want Goku to kinda like achieve it in a badass way, like uh let's say Goku lost to Jiren because he's not strong enough and Goku's comrades buys him time and they ended up beaten brutally which leads to him getting angry and that leads him to unlocking the limit breaker

  7. Its time for rebrianne to get eleminated like seriously

  8. Jiren will reflect the spirit bomb back at Goku and goku will absorb the power like he did Beerus's huge blast in battle of God's and said he didn't no how he did it after being hit/absorbing the bomb the power that Trunks got when he cut Xumasa in half Zumasu said what is this power the unknown Ki goku will recipe after absorbing the power from the spirit bomb

  9. can someone tell me why they did't update 109 today?

  10. SPOILER: Jiren eliminates Gohan. But, Gohan is still in the arena. Omni King let's Jiren slides with this disqualification. Goku reaches his limit due to Gohans death.

  11. if these fights is mixed with dbz soundtrack this will be more awesome

  12. Even if Goku win, I will respect Jiren for fighting without using transformation, power boost or other people's energy, like a true warrior.

  13. Remember Goku learn Mafuba(Evil Containment Wave)? I am sure Goku will use this in his new limit breaker form.

  14. men fuck goku why he always gets the new transformation …smh they make vegeta look bad

  15. Why jiren look like Mr. clean

  16. Hey bro one secret
    Jirens power is to use others special power
    Such as dyspoto speed before the battle begin and in this jiren uses GOD power to dodge it
    And in spirit bomb it has zeno sama power to

  17. from where can i watch todays episode plz tell me

  18. Hmm thought that pure of heart can deflect a spirit bomb

  19. What if Goku loses and all of us actually gets erased….

    What if this tournament is real and we are watching it for fun!?

  20. I dont believe that Mastar,Jiren its not that stupid to just stand around!!!He is obviusly telling him him something !I bet Jiren is not that powerful and he is using God power borrowed from that clown God

  21. How do you know it's kaio ken times 20??Its just kaio ken

  22. Think about it, the Genki Dama is only effective on those without a pure heart, and Jiren is part od the Pride Troopers, a team of heroes, so wouldn't the Genki Dama not effeft Jiren?

  23. Man I missed that background preview soundtrack. It really fits the massive conflict that is going to unleash in the next episode. 😧

  24. Universe 11 is cheating i guess, idk

  25. Lmao if the gods gave goku some power jiren would get recked

  26. If you go back and watch SS4 Goku vs Baby,just before the end baby blasts Goku" and goku absorbs all the KI and blasts it back with a super strong kamehameha and kicks his ass,so think about it Goku absorbing and "SPIRIT BOMB" might give him the LIMIT BREAKER form,with the knowledge he has now ! and controlling SS Blue=perfect' KI 'control ,plus think of the other important hint Goku achieved SS 'GOD' by 5 saiyans lending him energy=natural energy coming from OTHER humans,like the SPIRIT BOMB ? its natural energy created by people lending GOKU energy. (just a small theory) 🙂 peace

  27. i cant wait for this fight its going to be increadable ive been waiting for this fight since the tournament started and finally kakakrot is going to get a new form

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