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GOKU vs SUPERMAN – The Animated Movie

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Watch GOKU vs SUPERMAN – The Animated Movie Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Goku e infinitamente mais forte que o superman

  2. Goku actually have 35% to win superman . Legit

  3. Do the second part please

  4. I love goku more then superman but people have to face the facts. Goku can't win, even goku can't beat everyone in his universe (except in fanfics) Superman has the proven he can.
    Now a more fitting match for superman would be someone like buu as superman is weak to magic and buu uses some magic for his attacks, plus buu can absorb superman. The problem with dbz vs superman is that superman has infinite possibilities and powers he can pull out of his ass while the dbz universe isn't capable of the same feats.

  5. sean schemmel voiced batman and batman kicked superman s ass , so guess who kicks superman s ass

  6. OMG, I love it. I can't wait to see part2

  7. Tf is this Superman now golden, Goku has more power then Superman when in base form lol

  8. Canal lixo demais nem importa quem ganha ou perder fais uma batalha boa

  9. How tf can superman understand GOKU IN JAPANESE?????? #ANIMELOGIC


  11. This fight has better animation than dragon ball super BoG arc – Goku Black Arc

  12. But saitama is the strongest hero right?? Stop talking about super man and goku.. Let's talk about goku and saitama?? So, who is the stronger Saitama or goku??

  13. No one ever wants to see Goku lose to Superman but Superman would clearly win. The only thing you can do better than Screw Attack is the fight itself. But they were right on the winner.

  14. Though we are disgussing ridicolously insane powers. I would say if Superman prime isn't like zeno sama i Think goku has a chance and in the end its up to the writers if toriyama ever did a colab with DC would be badass though wierd

  15. i dont agree that goku admit superman is stronger than he!!

  16. This looks more like cell vs goku style

  17. Pls Superman fans, answer this simple question:
    If there's a very questionable debate about whom would win in a fight, between Broly and Hulk, being that Superman isnt't stronger than Hulk, how can the DC hero even hope to be in the same league of Goku now? Goku has beaten Broly and since then his power has increaded incredibly.
    In all honestly, I think that one full power punch is all it takes for Goku SSG to beat the shit out of Superman, sincr he's a God.
    That'd be like the battle between Zeus and Hulk, remember how it went?

  18. Goku if you lose I'll seduce your wife.

  19. Well no offense to super man fans well I'm both goku and super man but kinda more of a dbs fan but anyway goku has god ki, everyone is forgetting that I'll add on to this comment once I get more details but that's all I have.

  20. Sorry but this is the last question why superman is like saitsma

  21. I mean screwattack is way more better than these

  22. Don't try to win goku superman is impossible to attack

  23. Superman has no death it's way more better screwattack than these

  24. Damnn it guys, we all know that goku is legend in martial arts, superman is just normal in fight with super strength, so think how can he land a hit on goku wtf!!

    Like normal peoples vs bruce lee😂😂😂

  25. I get superman is strong and everything but his fighting style is nothing compared to goku

  26. Goku is faster and stronger than superman

  27. im sorry superman but you know goku is one of the strongest in the strongest in the anime characters and yeah sorry

  28. Goku beats superman any day any time end of discussion I don't want to hear anything else about superman wining

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