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Goku vs Superman – Official Trailer (MaSTAR Media)

Goku vs Superman – Official Trailer (MaSTAR Media) Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku vs Superman – Official Trailer (MaSTAR Media) Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. goku with his base form is equal to superman so if he goes god form he would wreck superman

  2. I'm pretty hype for this… Not gonna lie.

  3. death battle already covered this but I'll stop subscribing if you let Superman win by the way death battle let Superman win twice

  4. everyone team goku will win not that stupid superman

  5. the ending should have been like this

    Superman : Allow me to show you my real power. And on the other hand .

    Goku : (charging the sprite bomb) you are talking to me ?😝😝😝

  6. really annoying background music, and the character design is weird. but I like the idea of it.

  7. Really Superman is not America's greatest his Krptonian last son.

  8. Oh pls stop with this goku vs superman bullshit. Goku as a kid could even defeat superman easily. Superman is nothing compared to them.

  9. Ace chae yes but master media were is part 2

  10. man why don't these Superman fan boys get it he's no comparison to Goku ……. Goku would defeat in his base form..

  11. I thought I liked this dudes videos but when you look real closely a lot of his parts from animating just look like parts from the shows just the animation is downgraded

  12. I would have preferred it to say with the Cannon character's, but I still loved the video

  13. pleas make it as good as goku vs saitama

  14. so there's going to be a Goku vs series I'm guessing

  15. may the true god win. zeno: im fighting?

  16. no creo que superman tenga la velocidad o el poder para acerle frente a goku pero aber que pasa

  17. A man who can almost destroy a single universe at max power vs a man with infinite strength, trans-time speeds and an IQ hundreds of times that of an average human who can shatter an entire timeline.

    Why is this debate even a thing?

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