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Goku vs Saitama – Part 1 – REMASTERED [Dragon Ball Super vs One Punch Man]

Goku vs Saitama – Part 1 – REMASTERED [Dragon Ball Super vs One Punch Man] Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku vs Saitama – Part 1 – REMASTERED [Dragon Ball Super vs One Punch Man] Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Goku vs Saitama – Part 1 – REMASTERED [Dragon Ball Super vs One Punch Man] watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. For some fanboys out there,Goku fought a god of destruction that can destroy a planet or even more with seconds,and guess what Goku survived proving that há can defeat a god of destruction,saitama can only destroy half of a planet or less so yeah with facts you can surely proof that Goku is stronger

    You just want Goky to win you fangirl.

  3. come on with this shit man goku can defeat saitama in his base form even goten cant beat the shit out of saitama

  4. Saitama is made to be the strongest of anyone to exist. He's made to one punch anyone. Doesn't matter who. Goku loses. He loses even in his strongest form, even if he teamed up with Beerus along with all the other God's of destruction. Saitama is just too strong for any of them to hope to match or even come close to beating.

    You can't beat someone who's literally a walking hax. I don't give a fuck what Goku dickeaters say. Goku wasn't made for the sole purpose of ending people in 1 punch. Saitama was. Case closed. Stop whining, Goku loses easily regardless of how much power he gets.

  5. Hey you! Dont continue go back to the awesome fight up there :D! Here are only dragon ball and one punch man fanboys being salty :/

  6. What the hell is this ??!!!😂😂😂😂
    Bro goku is stronger then saitama

  7. Кто здесь знает русский

  8. Would people just stop with the arguements and enjoy this fight! I could create a mountain of salt with this one video
    Also why does goku act kinda like vegeta in this vid and its like saitama killed goku's family since goku seems pretty pissed

  9. OH RAIOZ esta mejor animado que dragon ball super :0 xdxd

  10. If Goku did things like this in the anime, absolutely nobody would stand a chance.

    Goku honestly just needs to go dragon ball z style again, just fuck them up for once.

  11. I feeling like cry to see them fighting like That 😭😭😭
    Because both are pure heart heroes in their universe 😇

  12. I read that saitama is a gag character like bugs bunny who always wins in silly ways so saitama is a gag character and has unlimited power

  13. Goku >>>>>>> Saitama cause Goku did 9 Billion sit ups less than 2 minutes in his base form

  14. Fuck the dbz and opm comment battles
    I'm here to enjoy the episode

  15. xam loln goku
    bt cũng thừa sức ăn đc rồi ko cần biến thành sjj thế đâu

  16. Saitama at 100% would be at a level of SSB Kaioken Goku.

  17. What is the song when holy goes ssjb

  18. Meh, Goku would just be another mosquito to Saitama

  19. He is called one punch man for a reason and u ruined it but was nice

  20. Tú ta' loko ese maldito calvo no puede con Goku eso solo es una caga poniendo a ganar a un payaso calvo

  21. goku is stunger then that I know that and u are make him stunger BC u like him more then goku

  22. Saitama should've won from the first hit.. but atleast you made it intresting

  23. Batman with prep time beats both

  24. 一拳超人好好笑的脸

  25. The only one who can beat both of em is Kira😂😂😂

  26. This guy has dreams and 👌 fight

  27. Opm is stupid . His whole character is dumb. A human that is stronger than everything from doing push-ups sit-ups and running 100miles til his hair falls out…

  28. Don't goku should die saitama can handle over the speed of light maybe faster

  29. I am very impressed with the awsome animation put into this. Lol 😂 it's even better than super

  30. Bro I almost got a seizure watching this. Chillax with the flashing lights…

  31. One punch man story line,plot,stories v.v.. Are all better than dragon ball.

  32. Gana goku obviamente perro calvo saitama

  33. Goku in God form is same at satiama

  34. Ok, so in the anime saitama is stronger than anything, anyone, he stood in a black hole and lived, he didnt even notice, he was hit to the moon and just jumped back in a couple of seconds, with his strength, no forms, hes a human, to, so fuck off

  35. Saitama is stronger then Goku

  36. JAjaja 😄😆😄😆😄😅

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