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Goku vs Kefla! Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Review

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Damn this should of been episode animation review I thought an orgasm was about to happen

  2. kaulifla & cale are going to be disqualified.

  3. I much prefer Takahashi to Shida after this

  4. Lol then what lvl is ssb vegito then?

  5. The way Vegeta Beat the shit out of Goku Black he should have been destroyed Toppo..And they are trying hard to make Kefla Op but watch she lose pretty early on

  6. There was 21 minutes of the tournament left. The fusion lasts for 1hour. So it won’t be out of time from the fusion, they use to much energy and that’s how there thing well end

  7. How much more will they buff this two shits?

  8. Didn't Grand Kai say in DBZ that you aren't supposed to fuse as super saiyan?

  9. Mastar……….or one punch man 🤔?

  10. when r u going to makea new anime war

  11. The super saiyan god transformation and art on it, i loves that shit

  12. what bullshit kefla didnt even transform and beats goku as blue -_- coming next kefla legendary saiyan vs jiren lmao…..btw it rly felt like z best work so far on the art

  13. After this episode I grew to hate kale and Kalifla

  14. The art in this episode is A+.

  15. But doesn't fusion last an hour? And theres only 20 minutes left, unless they run out of time due to power. But thats still stretching it i think.

  16. I hate that people keep saying SSG kicked their asses. Not true. He kicked "caulifa's ass". Not Kale. Kale was going toe to toe with Goku but caulifa kept jumping in and getting smacked away

  17. Explain how Kale took a SSB Kamehameha to the face in beserk mode and it didn't phase her at all but goku in SSG took a blast from Kale in controlled beserk mode and it did not phase him either?

  18. Animation was the only thing that made sense in this episode. Asspull city

  19. Lets not forget that when Goku first when SSG he was going toe to toe with Berrus… and now youre telling me these 2 super sayian 2s who fused is stronger then that… nup get fucked.

    Knock them out already so they can find a room and eat each other out… some wierd thing going on there and i thought they were sisters…

  20. Goku with Frieza Fusion, Super Saiyan Ultra gold. Base style dark gold hair with a purple, blackish outlined fire Aura. Body looks like Goku but skin is white and has a huge monkey tail the size of Frieza's tail all white. Clothes look like Saiyan armor colored like frieza's body. That would be a God braker mix. Some one please draw that

  21. Your are right bro this animation is fkking awesome and this SS God is best amoung all othere this red ora is soo beautiful ….

  22. Wtf……even if Kefla is ten times stronger than power of Caulifla and Kale……SSJG is way morw stronger than SSJ2….this shitty fusion should not even be able to compete with SSJG and they may defeat SSJB……this is seriously pissing me off…..I know I will not stop watching DBS after this bullshit but I will definitely break my pc screen when that moment will arrive.

  23. Wtf dude you're saying that Goku SSB Kaioken is gonna lose from Super saiyan Kefla
    Are u kidding me?
    What the hell?
    If that happens then DPS is fucking nonsense series
    But still i'm gonna wait for Goku Ultra Instinct form

  24. if kefla is stonger than ssb in super saiyan, vegito blue is way stronger than jiren

  25. when is the next episode of anime wars coming up?

  26. I've been waiting for this to happen not many I feel are thinking about this but this makes the Saiyans more prevalent for even the originals to return like my favorite Bardock and be intensely savage out of nowhere like they did in Xenoverse 2 making him get all the way to SSJ 3

  27. I hate how rubbish the writing is but it is what it is. Can these 2 bitches just super 69 each other all ready. They fucking suck!

  28. The only reason for this near infinite power is because of Kale's legendary ssj power which I must say is Quite accurate when it comes down to the form as Lssj is a form were you constantly surpass your own limit, or rather think of it a a speeded up zenkai boost type of power.

  29. Epic was waiting for this episode and have been like any fan hyped the instant you see the episode and want the next already done but gets you thinking when you wait for the other possible events that can happen

  30. WHERE TF IS ANIME WAR 6?????????

  31. i hate it. a potara fusion normal mode should at least be just as strong as a ssjred.

  32. If kafla beets goku I'm going to be mad

  33. Did anyone notice the whoops from kelfa at the end when she misses her punch??Is it just me or is goku's slowly mastering ultra instinct. Any thoughts??

  34. No im sick of this now. Every episode they make a form of Goku's redundant. Red is now shit and next week Blue will get smashed and be shit too. And by who? Two girls who learned SSJ in a day.

  35. Don't think there will be another fusion at least potara one because they had it in there pocket so Campa knew if he throws the earrings for them they will be disqualified that's why he gave them before the tournament. So yeah we can only see Gogeta and don't think it will happen too 😛

  36. but aren't they cheating there using an item in the tournament

  37. Mastarmedia have you noticed how gokus ki blasts are dark blue now?as in like he's in Ultra instinct form

  38. The Animation and Art direction in this episode was insane! Immediately got DBZ vibes right from the beginning

  39. I also like how they make the artwork. So many different colors and shading being used, toriyama has some really talented skilled artists. It’d be an honor to work for him and do anime

  40. This episode was absolutely trash. Had a viewing party and everyone was pissed, but the art was great and unfortunately ill keep watchin this series.

  41. Vegito vs Kefla. A fusion battle would be a really good fight

  42. I couls care less about how good the animation is. All i want it a logical storyline that isn't so predictable and not filled with ass pulls every episode.

  43. When Frieza said I'll just ignore that I nearly died laughing

  44. The art in this episode was absolutely insane. It reminded me of the Goku vs Cell fight. Beautiful stuff.

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