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Goku vs HIT Round 2 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 71

Goku vs HIT Round 2 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku vs HIT Round 2 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. vegtu super san blue has a power level is 450,000,000,000,000 goku has a power level of 500,000,000,000,000 then his ki ow en time 10 2,595,000,000,000,000 whis has a power level of 15,950,000,000,000,000 then bill has a power level of 10,550,000,000,000,000 hit has a power level of 3,577,000,000,000,000

  2. Lol I'm just coming back here to tell everyone i told you so. that is all

  3. guys goku hired hit to kill him. he wanted a life and death fight. that's how he knew the entire time and was looking for his energy

  4. Tbh I'm so fucking glad he's working with melavi two very talented animators making dope shit together.

  5. I think when hit got red eye it means goku is kaioken 20x or 10x

  6. now he knows what Vegeta feels like

  7. goku could of put the hit on himself.

  8. can u tell how to animate please im in training

  9. 10 bars of ki,
    10 bars of stamina,
    4 bars of health,
    So OP!!!

  10. how to win the tournament :

    step 1 – tell vegeta that goku is doing a special training cause he is the lead fighter of universe 7, and he is nothing compare to goku
    step 2 – let vegeta rage and make him go through the hardest training ever
    step 3 – watch vegeta achieve beerus power
    step 4 – tell vegeta the truth
    step 5 – before he kills you tell him that now at least he is stronger than goku

    done, you can now go to the tournament with a god of destruction level fighter in your team

  11. hi mastar media i have a question can you make a story with allmight or izuku
    sry for my bad english^^

  12. Oye mastar cuando vas a subir el nuevo episodio de goku vs superman

  13. if hit has a timeskip he probably has a space skip. You can see gokus punches phase into hit like hes not really there.

  14. you my friend, are awesome. My current favourite youtuber.

  15. the fact that whis wasn't concerned about goku not being there to train and the fact goku some how knew some one was coming after was coming for him before hit even showed up leads me to believe that its part of his training most likely whis decided to nip gokus issue of dropping his guard by telling goku hed send some one after him and goku would need to keep his guard up since it could be anyone since he has no idea who it is it would explain how calm whis is and would also explain how goku knew some one was coming for him so goku and whis agreed to this training and whis asked vados to send hit after goku as part of training revolving around goku training his senses and goku training to not let his guard down so easily.


  17. No he improved his time skip a little past 0.01 second. Here's proof becuase kaioken lasts only a heartbeat. So that can tell you they're extremely fast so it looks A lot longer the it really is. So his time skip is the same. Hits just so much more faster then the henchmen he's walking to pass up everyone and this was evens stated. He PROBSLY improved his time skip a little bit but no much at all

  18. Why did you spoil the SHT 4:33

  19. Master media , if u want to super hit episodes on utube than i have a good idea may be that will help u

  20. I think the 1 hit man technic and the one where goku can't hit him are the same thing.

  21. Here's my theory. Remember back at the universal tournament when Hit threw the battle for Monoka? I believe hit only did in respect for beerus so nobody noticed how week his fighter was. To me this shows that beerus and hit are connected some how. If this is the case I believe beerus hired hit to kill goku as a training method.

  22. Mastar i may have said this in animé war luffy gear 5 but you inspire me to do drawings and other things and if you think someone is hacking me let me know but keep up the work.☆

  23. Hey I just noticed in the scene where the mob boss was just killed by Hit. The scene where in the boss' office there is a reflection of a tall chair in the window looking outside, the chair turns and there is an image of someone sitting in it. First I thought that it was Hit. I looked at it again and I saw that it wasn't Hit but it was Zeno. I could be wrong. You guys take another look and see if it is. It could be that my eyes are playing tricks.

  24. Maybe goku told whis to hire hit because goku really wanted to fight against hit

  25. Do you think Goku was killed on purpose so that he can get that zenkai boost. If so I can see this happening over and over again. What do you guys think?

  26. I think Goku is getting a nice zenkai boost out of this

  27. So he's moving that fast !!

  28. So Goku fired off a shot that's going to revive him later? Seems like a clever (and impossibly risky) way to use his Saiyan biology to take advantage of a Zenkai boost.

  29. in my opinion, if that is the case the assasination is for vegeta, couz if goku died, vegeta will somehow be angry or something like on the DBZ about gohan. Increasing the power of a sayan if love ones or friend is killed, peace..

  30. Something that may happen : GOKU KI BLAST PROBABLY WILL HIT GOKU OR HIT when he will come back for him AND THEN HE WILL SOMEHOW REVIVE maybe and This is were beerus will step up becase beerus might 1.Relize goku ki was falling down or his Ki blast somehow manage to make beerus find out for that IDK BUT WE WILL FIND OUT

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