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Goku VS Hit Finale – The Conclusion

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Watch Goku VS Hit Finale – The Conclusion Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Well you were wrong on so many things.

  2. you were completely wrong lmfao you suck ass at predicting you dumb fuck

  3. hit learned techniques from obito😂😝

  4. Seriously? Kaioken x20?? That is ridiculous, he barely had 10% chance of x10 working, there is no way he can do x20.

  5. They released the HD trailer for Dragon Ball Super

  6. Everyone keeps talking about how this is training for Goku, not an actual assassination but isn't it possible this was training for Hit as well? Vados was a large part of this so why else would she help someone who could end Her Universe and maybe even her existence. Unless she wants to leave Champa since he's a dumb as Goku. lol bit with no motivation and a belly bigger than his twin brother Beerus.

  7. i think Hits surprised/scared look was cause Beerus showed up.

  8. They NEED to fix the animation in this episode while they have the chance.

  9. Hey, MasterMedia, can you do a fan animation of Vegito Super Sayian God Blue vs Whis and Beerus?

  10. let me know how the publish goes

  11. It's a good thing that you mentioned about the new animation tutorial for the beginners and waiting to see your new animation

  12. That is not Beerus. The jaw and skin are different. also beerus has two pointy teeth.

  13. Hit is basically a dbz character with naruto powers. Neji's gentle fist + Tobi's Kamui.

  14. Dude you have a new subscriber

  15. he may be looking surprised because beerus arrival…

  16. ichigos final form could be called something like a zen mode (like a kaio-ken) so he could be called like "zen-lord ichigo?"

  17. how long is the ichigo animation??

  18. do u even know what an after image is? lol c'mon man he's just going intangible man…gosh

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