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Goku Vs Gohan FULL POWER! Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Preview Video // Breakdown

Goku Vs Gohan FULL POWER! Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Preview Video // Breakdown Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku Vs Gohan FULL POWER! Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Preview Video // Breakdown Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Goku Vs Gohan FULL POWER! Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Preview Video // Breakdown watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. good information about it
    have a look my Parody channel

  2. This is the technique Picolo used the destroy the martial art tournament stage in the original dragon ball series/manga. I think the name of the technique is mahavailo or something like that.

  3. Lmao it's funny watching this after I watched the actual fight.

  4. I think gohan is hair color will become white in his next form or on e the tournament comes

  5. Show me an episode where the "bang" which is a fringe actually is there without him being in the ultimate Gohan form the fringe is a ultimate Gohan form I don't recall a fringe with black hair any other time

  6. Goku went super sayian 2 not blue but he does go blue later on

  7. Piccolo is doing do or die from dbxv2

  8. Looks like Gohan got the shit kicked out of him. Just like I said.

  9. I think Goku power Blue and Kaikoen its normal ist not full Power goku!!!
    Goku have e new transformation and Kaikone!!!

  10. everyone trains for a few days and they already get stronger than Goku in blue form… weak. This new form better kick everyone's asses at the same time

  11. Gohan probably can turn super saiyan blue or at least god. I mean Vegeta is able to and assuming they didnt do the ritual again just for him, I'd say Gohan, goten, trunks, and probably pan have the capacity for it

  12. come on everyone. I think SSB and mystic may have same starter power. like u saw, at dragonball, the more they hurt and on the edge. the power is increasing a lot . than at that point SSB would easily rekt Mystic. on the other hand, all of us can feel that goku is prick, never go all out. and if u see goku all out. the universe will be shaking, and of course earth and solar system may blown up.

  13. Goku went in during this spar I mean, DAMN!!
    Instant transmission left and right lol

  14. Gohan didn't get a new form! Wtf, I am waiting for Gohan's new transformation. Gohan Super Saiyan White or Super Saiyan Rose. Make it possible please.

  15. Not gonna lie, I wanted Gohan to be in his original outfit. The same one as piccolo. He looked amazing as SSJ2 Gohan with it on. Also Piccolo is way better than Goku.

  16. well gohan lost he isnt stronger than goku

  17. Poor gohan got rekt by f ing kioken goku

  18. stop lieing like gohan can go full power I don't see no new form

  19. what a little bitch Tien is compared to the other fighters, it should have been him replaced instead of Buu

  20. doesn't goku still have that limit breaker form? and if it's full power wouldn't goku go blue kaiokenx10?

  21. Hit should still be stronger than Goku.

    Hit should be able to win this.

  22. I really hope Piccolo isn't just some scrub….

  23. Goku hasn't used hs full blue power..he's holding back..he might be using 2%.

  24. This has been the longest day of my life. I've been up since 6am PST and the only thing I'm looking forward to is this episode. AAAARRRRGGHHHHHH

  25. So many are wet for gohan i dont get it, goku are stronger.

  26. Aww shit Ima about to piss my pants if Gohan does it!!

  27. What if piccolo trained with whis…

  28. I think the guy from universe ten is Broly because almost every universe some were is a legendary super saiyan

  29. So Gohan trains for a couple hours and all of the sudden he is going to be at Gokus level? Yeah right. Hyperbolic time chamber? Sure, Gohan went from one of the weakest fighters to the strongest in 1 year of training in the chamber during the cell games. So I can understand quick growth. I also know his mystic form unlocks all his power. So he should be able to get to the level he was before, which is fine, but there really shouldn't be any "growth" with only training for a couple hours. If anything it helps him with being rusty.

  30. anybody else feel goku has been holding back a ton of power against his oppents

  31. If you like DBZ parody hit up ya boy "SSJ CARTER" with a sub. He makes good content.

  32. How cool would it be if someone recognized goku from their own universe or vegita as tyrants or weaklings they've dealt with in their own universes or universe 6 went to look and see if goku ended up still going to earth or if any fighters were resurrected along with their earth

  33. Evil buu will be in the tournament since good buu from universe 7 is out of the tournament they will have an evil one from another universe who consumed way more strong fighters than universe 7's buu

  34. i think this is brolly from there universe, damn! its awesome!!!
    can't wait now hehhe

  35. Where do you watch dragon ball super exactly?Im excited to watch this!

  36. gohan vs universe 10 fighter it seems

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