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Goku vs Bergamo SPOILERS and TITLE LEAKS for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 81-83

Goku vs Bergamo SPOILERS and TITLE LEAKS for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 81-83 Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku vs Bergamo SPOILERS and TITLE LEAKS for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 81-83 Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Goku vs Bergamo SPOILERS and TITLE LEAKS for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 81-83 watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. man i'm exited what if we got to see ssgss2 or kaio-ken 20x or maybe be even 50x kaio-ken!!!can't wait for the next episode

  2. SPOILER!!!!!!

    goku goes god mode and every universe was surprised and scared and felt threatened toppo is the new captain ginyu and he shat bricks when he felt god modes heat so toppo aint shit lmfaoooo hit will most likely be the problem of this tournament

  3. 📌 Pinned by MaSTAR Media

  4. That's stupid, if one of the universe can save them all, then there isn't any tension anymore, because the other universes will just let that universe win. There's tension because the universe 7, those we care about, have to win to survive, and now they're telling us that they have to lose? Then what's the point of them even fighting? If they really go with it, it will be the worst arc of DBS, because we're aren't even on universe 7's side.

  5. uhm, I dunno what you guys are saying but some universe will be left not only the winning universe

  6. toppo will fight after he sees goku go blue. callin it.

  7. doesn't goku power level rise and improves because he is a sayan

  8. If the spoiler on 81 is true… then my guess is that Bergamo takes the Sayians ability to turn in to a giant beast. Im sure Goku will end up cutting Bergamos tail to win the battle.

  9. Don't read anymore… Just don't.. its a waste of your time.. I read it and its bad Please don't…

  10. I wish they would just allow power level gaps to happen. Every fight doesn't have to be a tooth and nail fight that makes every opponent look equal. Have Goku whoever else actually win a serious fight fairly easily. They already said their universe is the weakest it's so hard to take Goku going to to toe with this guy watching the strength of his partners and what his should be be played like it's close knowing in 10 episodes Goku will be fighting at a god tier level beating top higher level verses guys.

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    I'm hyped for MaSTAR Pinning me for no reason

  12. Screwattack logic: 'goku lost to a dog snoop
    Dogg wins'

  13. My prediction is GOKU gonna give up the fight so no universes gets erased then BEERUS fight the other god of universe 9

  14. Goku might do something similar like with hit….hell fight as hard as he can for s long as he can and then just give up

  15. toriyama meant universe 9

  16. I think that's a major type again and they mean He's trying to get everyone on Universe 9 side. Because Uni. 9 is classified as the weakest of all the universes, if they can win, it'll prove that the classifications are completely wrong and there may be hope for the other universes to grow or even be stronger than the Level 7 classification of 1, 5, 8, or 12.

  17. u7 is still going to be alive cause pan still isn't grown up yet gotten still young

    so…. pointless

  18. people missing the point it don't need 2 be 2 gods yea they fighting but i think its gone be a twist at the end watch 1 of the gods ain't gone like the out come or want 2 start another tournament

  19. first of all goku is not going to waist super sayian blue on the dog guy, boss leader dude. super sayian should be enough.

  20. It meant he got all the universes on universe 9s side. It doesn't mean that universe 4 teamed up with universe 9, it means all the universes are on universe 9s side

  21. Goku needa get stronger and needs to win with skill and I think that should train his ssj2 and ssj3 forms as well so he will be able to control and use them more frequently because I think that he just relies on SSB to much

  22. speed stupid, where Hit in All this, did Hit turn into an animal

  23. This show keeps getting better and better 🙂

  24. bergamo seems to have a similer ability to hit so i think goku will figure him out. dont foget that goku and krillin got mental training so bergamo mental effect will be figured out also.

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