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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. whats dis background music called

  2. Damn, Krillin is no longer needed i guess.

  3. I never see that side of Goku before to be honestly Goku is much stronger than his kaioken form with ssb form and aslo never trunks heal people before of that they used senzu beans to a quick recovery and aslo I never see Vegeta ssg red before on the anime he became ssb before Goku or he may skip it to blue transformation

  4. doesnt ssj blue still leak a little bit? perfected would be no leakage, and probably the stamina of the red god form. i think they should add something like this in anime…. i mean
    ..after zamasu, and then recovering, he shpuld be at this point. bur supers power scaling is all off track

  5. i think this is what goku do in the opening of dragon ball super anime Universe Survival Arc.he uses kaioken in super saiyan blue form and absorb it and return to base form(black hair).Thats explain everything for me

  6. Hey thanks for giving credits for the thumbnail. 🙂

  7. master media u call your self a dragon ball fan!!!!!! i am shocked……goku healed a bird in a movie may be in return of metal cooler …….. saiyans have that ability

  8. ayy this might be gokus "new form"

  9. Trunks was not near as strong as Merged Zamasu… I don't know why people keep saying that. It's the dumbest shit ever giving Trunks healing abilities. It makes no damn sense at all NONE. Hell even the great Master Mutaito, or Master Roshi who are the most skilled Human martial artists bar none couldn't do that shit, and I'll seriously laugh my ass off if someone says it's his Saiyan blood.

    Making a blade out of Ki doesn't make sense? Yeah tell that to Zamasu. Didn't see anyone bitch when he did it.

    As for why it destroyed Zamasu's body? Easy Zamasu wasn't fully immortal.

  10. in the cooler saga I believe you heals/revives a bird

  11. there are so many hits to the face in this!!!!!

  12. Hell, I've got BRONCHITIS and could sure use a Trunks senzu bean or just a normal senzu bean. If I had one, get better, and kick the shit outta Beerus. Lmao!!!!!
    I was a DBZ addict years ago. This DBS is very new to me.
    He could even kick The Rock's ass!!!! Can you smell what GOKU-SAMA IS COOKING?

  13. So based on this chapter of the Manga, i think i can speculate that the form in the opening for the Universe survival arc is a variant of what Goku just did in the Manga he has taken in all his power into his body!! hmmm , what do you guys think?

  14. am I the only one who think that the "blue" like a entity.

  15. Dude if u r going to retell the story make sure not to leave important details.. just why vegeta wanted trunks to heal goku instead of him

  16. why didnt they do the anime like this

  17. I'm confused so which is canon? anime or manga?

  18. Super Saiyan Blue in the manga is very different from the anime. In the anime, it's basically always "Perfected." It's powerful because it doesn't output energy at all times like the standard SS forms, whichi is what allows him to use it with Kaioken. In the manga, it's very much just a more powerful Super Saiyan as it constantly expels ki like all the previous forms and is much akin to SS3 with the rapid power drain. It's only now that manga Goku has finally learned to stop the Ki drainage when that has been Anime Goku's reason of always using the form.

  19. It's like the Anime is an alternate reality.

  20. I don't know why people are making such a fuss that what Goku is doing is being total BS. Honestly, the way I see it Goku and Vegeta have had Blue for months or even a little over a year by this time and they both had eventually come to the conclusion that the form's biggest weakness was all that power leaking and came up with countermeasures in their minds to resolve this issue, but didn't have much time to put it the training into effect. Vegeta goal was to conserve as much energy by switching between Blue and Red to maximize the efficiency of the form's power (following Goku's lead from the Universal Tournament arc) while Goku wanted to keep the maximum power of the form for the longest period of time, but didn't get to use the Time Chamber like Vegeta to perfect his method so his body could probably get used to this overtime and training, but for now is a high stakes gamble for him. He even said that this is a bad time for a test run. This is how I interpreted it.

  21. Not that the manga is bad but I can't take it seriously with all the differences from what the anime has already done. In this specifically, why does Trunks have a Kai healing ability when there are literally two actual supreme kai's there who it actually makes sense  to have them do.

  22. 6 months and the Manga is still behind? fuck this

  23. so basically they finally made this Goku like the in the Anime who could spam SSJB without any drawbacks personally what i didn't like in the manga in the first place is they place a limitation on SSJB and everytime you transform into it without resting makes you weaker and than the last time you transformed and place this massive stamina drain making SSJB like SSJ3 they basically made this excuse of a limitation just so that they can still use regular SSJG

  24. They are making this tournament wait so long i have very high expectations from begin to end of tournament n fights but i dont think they are gonnna do someyhing that make me wow and this is where is matter coz fan are exited to see this and you dont wanna to destroy there expectations…DBS tions from the final show

  25. In the end his arm couldn't handle 100% power and stung in pain Goku says he knew he wasn't ready for this

  26. its cool to up to date with the series and all, but can you do another anime? i think its mastarmedia channel not db

  27. waaaaaaay better than the anime fight

  28. Well , The Manga is written by the original Arthur of of Dragonball series.
    While DBS anime probably handle by the same morons that run Pokemon anime .

    I am just glad that Goku get to beat up Merged Zamesu.
    I was disappointed abbout Goku never getting a rematch against Black in the anime So Goku beating up Merged Zamesu was really satisfying for me.

  29. the manga is the only acceptable continuation of dbz

  30. I find that interesting with this Perfection of Super Saiyan Blue, when Goku mastered his regular Super Saiyan form, his hair became alot more lighter than that of the original, so does this mean that if this was coloured, the hair would be lighter than the original?!

  31. I think they should do an anime base on the manga.Beacuse by what Im seeing,the anime is very different compare to the manga.and for me the manga has been way better than the anime right now.

  32. Whis said b4 in the anime, not to let your ki leak from your body, to control it so it doesn't show externally …rather similar to when Goku absorbed the red god ki & kept god lvl in his base/ss form against Beerus. One of the key points to efficiently use god ki is to control it & keep it contained within ones body & not wasting it by letting leak past the physical body. It also shows off/lets other read your power lvl when leaking beyond the physical form of the persons body

  33. mhm happend not in the anime i know they changed it …

  34. Whis can turn back time, travel super duper quick, travel through time and even pull a baby out of a womans body. But…. He can not wake buu up

  35. Remember MSSJ Goku and Gohan? They were able to fight Perfect Cell, despite SSJ Vegeta and Trunks not even being Semi-Perfect Cell level, as they needed ASSJ to fight him. Also, Merged Zamasu isn't as strong as everybody thinks. Its only Black, who was weaker than Vegeta pre-fusion, combined with Zamasu, who wasn't even SSJ2 level. This is why M. Zamasu couldn't fight Vegito at all. Now we see MSSJB, who is even with M. Zamasu. You can think of it as Goku multiplying his power by the same level that the Potara multiplied Black's by, which was just Zamasu's. This makes sense as SSJB in the manga leaks a lot of power, so if he contains it, then by power should multiply by a lot. And for those that say that Blue isn't supposed to have stamina issues, go rewatch Goku v. Hit. He says that Blue has stamina problems in the anime while he's still in his base form. Anyone have any questions?

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