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Goku, King of the Saiyans

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Watch Goku, King of the Saiyans Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Gohan is dope and all but he's still getting his ass handed to him.

  2. "Somebody call child services."
    Me: *blows out water* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Please release anime war episode 5

  4. everyone knows that goku is the king if the saiyens i bet he can destroy like billions of normal people in a single finger

  5. No it isn't . Her voice acting is shit. Get a man to voice them. Their characters sound stupid as shit. Its why i hate listening to the japanese anime's. English dubs are always correctly voiced.

  6. vegeta is rightful king people never forget that

  7. I dont think Vegeta would particularly like you calling Goku the "King of Saiyans". I can already feel the prince's angst lmao

  8. the gods of destruction should enter lol

  9. We'll, Vegeta is royalty. He has been the Prince of the Saiyans since the get-go. His dad dies, succession. Vegeta is king of all Saiyans. Kakarato was a low level warrior. This is how a ml monarchy works.

  10. dude hella funny that narrates this lol

  11. Vegeta is actually the king of the sayians 😂 and the voice acting sounds worse than the original

  12. i wish they could do something like with cell when gohan turned ssj2,

  13. Plot twist Goku and gohan are actually women

  14. I understand what you're saying about Roshi and Chaoutzu (dunno how to spell his name lol) not being able to keep up, but you're holding them to the same standard as in DBZ, when they've been training this whole time too.

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