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Watch Goku is an ABSOLUTE MONSTER Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. no matter what, dbs would never be able to put up a transformation for goku that would be as cool as MaSTAR's omni super saiyan

  2. what about Goku SS4, is SSB stronger than SS4

  3. Fucking dick rider asshole

  4. I hope that its ssj RED with a new ki type again

    I know its not going to happen, but it would be cool

  5. great priest stopped fight cuz he knows that goku has a new form so he can kill toppo thats why he stopped fight

  6. Maybe it's kioken with super sayin god

  7. I just thought of this. If the omni king that messes up raising his hand is the one from the future, why does the omni king from the present always raise a different hand? Shouldn't they always raise the same hand if they are technically the same omni king?

  8. THEORY: Remember the "Battle of Gods" movie? Berrus was waiting for a Super Saiyan God to appear, but left disappointed, (he didn't battle Goku at full power.) So, if Goku finally does reach TRUE Saiyan God form, I wonder if Berrus and Goku will be forced to fight in a future episode in this saga.

  9. Kaioken plus any form Goku uses greatly powers up that form. So in theory,if Goku became a god of destruction he would still be able to surpass that form of power level, giving him a better chance against a stronger form. (quote: its his "trump"card.., no politics implied btw! Lol!)
    Note:Kaioken is useable at lower power levels too. In theory he can always become stronger, assuming his base level form(no transformation) does not have a limit he can reach.

  10. Well… Soon you will change your opinion on the best fight in the Dragon Ball Saga. Also I think the new form will be the Super Saiyan God of the Super Saiyan Blue.

  11. He isnt monster he is just very powerfull

  12. yea but we watched zen destroy a universe already after black was destroyed.

  13. Lol four seconds in video i said ok and left

  14. hey, master media did u notice in preview of 102 ep. the yardrart(the guy who fell from the arena by the kick of khalifa ) is still alive on the preview. (sorry for my english)

  15. gotta wait at least until 105 to see something going on

  16. The sayins were evil ans just want to fight

  17. actully he raises his right hand

  18. Toppo is supposed to be the next "God of Destruction", Jiren not?
    Toppo couldn't be any God of anything especially not Destruction.

  19. it's probably his mastered kaioken

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