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Goku Goes Kaioken x20 – Dragon Ball Super Theory

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Watch Goku Goes Kaioken x20 – Dragon Ball Super Theory Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. And now it is about to happen'.

  2. Wow he is going X20 against Jiren

  3. well now this theory is debunked.

  4. Thanks A LOT i got a four star dragon ball!!!!!!

  5. i want the thumbnail you used in video

  6. I ordered the dragon ball from masakox video aka the best dragon ball youtuber and it has not fucking come yet it took them like a week to even ship it i ordered it on the 29th of november and it is december 17th and it has not fucking come fuck that website.They are scum

  7. i want some dragonball stuff

  8. how about ssb gogeta comes out then hit goes bye bye

  9. "goku is getting ready to fight HHHHHIT" spits everywhere

  10. But what about Super Saiyan Rose?

  11. Hit will not be able to steamroll Vegeta this time. He was weak due to going SSJB once already. At the end of the last arc fight Vegeta is stronger then Goku and I've seen no evidence of this changing yet

  12. The thing is. If Goku even did fuse. Hit would then be as strong as that fusion. And Goku alone probably couldn't beat a fusion of his power level and Vegeta. And they'll probably show this in the anime. So if anything Goku would have to either A. Find a way to lower Hit's power level. (kinda like how Goku made Ginyu weak by fooling himself into a frogs body).

    B. Do the powerful one shot x20 atk like the video says.

    C. Goku will achieve a new form that defeats hit.

    D. Goku avoids Hit at all costs until he can find Hit's contractor, kill him and break the deal Hit has. Or just pay him double

  13. I believe hit will beat goku but spare his life or at least lie and said he killed goku only becuase he enjoys fighting goku becuase inevitably he gets 2-3 times stronger each time he figts goku.

  14. Honestly i hope you're wrong. Hopefully hit isnt the main opponent, wasn't hit the strongest in his universe, if so then he wouldnt be able to improve by much. So i hope goku with his recent fights with black just goes in and destroys him. And i dont think the main villain would be the guy who hired hit otherwise he wouldn't need to hire hit.


  16. or maybe he'll just lose again

  17. goku would die or lose the ability to fight if he did x20

  18. goku die gohancomeback and he became super sayan mystic god

  19. in the Manga the first figth against Hit was a totaly Win for goku

  20. The Kaioken x 10 should have killed Hit.

  21. Goku should make a wish that Kaio-ken doesn't damage his body at all.

  22. I honestly think Hit will kill Goku and Gohan will reach a new form and go kaioken x20

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