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Goku and Vegeta in the Tournament of Power – Dragon Ball Super

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Watch Goku and Vegeta in the Tournament of Power – Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Toriyama please bring gogeta to canon

  2. I wanna see them kick each other's ass again! 👊

  3. in Champa tournament Vegeta got jealous of Goku kaioken plus he got frustrate of Hit time skip. . that's why Vegeta San puch him self to develope a new achieved Technique to kombat he's Opponent's

  4. Im positive Vegeta San achieved new Technique against kaioken and time skip. .

  5. when will be next episode anime war

  6. in tv show made up people hate a lot of people but those are the creators fault so dont hate vegeta

  7. I love vageta,toriyami if he had a brain would make them work together and be best friends more than they are allready!dgzsuper would be so much better!and vegeta will surpass kakarot!!👍

  8. your a joke and your channel is a fucking joke too haha you're a bitch

  9. Hey instead of watching caulifa become ssb why not skip here and see goku go limit breaker

  10. when will anime war ep 5 come out what is this you making a movie

  11. Why do you always talk and not play the actual video

  12. Love when the fandom comes together !!!! … Respect !

  13. when will u release anime war next episode

  14. i want super to be bloody like z

  15. Vegeta hasn't swallowed his pride.
    Instead of being proud of himself, he's proud of his children.

  16. i liks both
    it looks to me like the "teenage" vegate from frieza saga up to cell became more grown up in the buu saga to this.

    i love the char developement hes still vegeta but understands his limits better, he became a smarter/more expirenced fighter

  17. were the hell is anime war……

  18. I see it as Vegita has gotten older and wiser. He's not a brash young man anymore. I think it fits.

  19. fork his license predict responsible virtual nut background alarm.

  20. im mad because caulifa is gettin ssb fuck

  21. I dont mind if vegeta becomes a familiy guy, as long as he wont become a gohan.

    He has been standing in a corner with the other nobodys for like 3 episodes now and does absolutely nothing.

  22. When I was watching first arc of z I could never predicted that this would happen in the future.

  23. Your videos are always a surprise to me gr8 video👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  24. 2:38 the magnitude of vegetas forehead is ridiculous

  25. Same reason i fell in love with Vegeta .. definitely miss that old Vegeta tho.

  26. If Caulifa releases her bankai and awakens her ultimate mangekyou rinnegan this early on I'm switching to a cooking anime.

  27. I think they won't work together completely until they have no choice, like if they have to go against the priest..or somehow whiz is evil and turns on them..

  28. I have an unconditional love for my beloved seiyan prince♥

  29. Legendary Super Saiyan blue Karrot 3

  30. I think it's dope that there is character development here. Goku taking it more serious and Vegeta letting go tension. Both attributes that whis said they need to improve….. now…… here's two what ifs that could happen. What if a greater evil plot twist happens and we see red super Saiyan god Vegeta. There are six saiyans (three from uni6 and three from uni7) in this tournament and vegeta did say he wanted next on this transformation…… I mean I only say it could happen cuz there is 6 saiyans. Or…. what if we see gogeta versus jiren! Maybe I'm bullshitting but I think either would be cool to see lol….

  31. Can anyone answer when/how did the elder kai get his life back?

  32. True but Vegeta learn it really quick him self we never got to c Vegeta first turn it would had been nice. But since Goku figure it out and Vegeta got to watch it made it easyer for Vegeta to transform into it cuz he now knows about it

  33. If Goku and vegeta merged,that's actually bad. If merged vegito falls off,both vegeta and Goku r eliminated which is pretty much bye bye to universe 7

  34. they fought together a little against boo

  35. Imagine if they didn't recon the earrings that they would be permanently fuse. They would instead have to get the Dragon Balls to wish them infused. But imagine the possibilities of Vegito meeting their friends with that persona. Lol. That would be a fanfic come true. Maybe two or three episodes. Would be nice.

  36. i wonder if goku and vegeta will fuse into gogeta

  37. actually liking vegeta character now as long as Goku he is the stronger from Vegeta cannot do anything evil

  38. Vegeta is stronger then Goku. But Goku just have more techniques.

  39. Vegito blue can kill Jiren with one finger

  40. If Caulifla goes to SSB. then GT>>>>>Super

  41. Vegeta knows that a Whole Universe being wiped out. They know if they do it together. Who knows?, Gohan is there. 🙂

  42. what if goku and vegeta and jiten fused agains the grandpriest and the angels

  43. This didn't say NO ONE WILL RIVAL THEIR POWER. He said something closer that they might be able to beat Beerus.

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