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Goku and Gohan Obliterate 2 Universes

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I think beerus was just letting champa have the last word. Siblings argue, and it's always about getting that last word. That's why he didn't say anything before he got erased. I'm not totally sure what he meant by "say something". I kind of lean towards the idea that he was breaking the fourth wall and telling the narrator to speak.

    Totally agree about there not being enough drama here though. Zeno and the grand priest really seem like villains, but the show doesn't treat them that way.

    Bonus prediction: universe 7 wins the tournament in the end… Goku wishes for "all the erased universes" to be brought back. This returns the universes that zeno deleted years ago and sets up some revenge arc against the gods. Probably won't happen, but dammit that would be awesome.

  2. *I hated that guy more than Ribrianne *

  3. One of Mastar's worst reviews. It was like he didn't watch the whole episode and just reviewed it on what he saw. So many wrong assumptions including Vegeta statements and prediction of 17 being knocked out. Should watch the whole preview first.

  4. It was like they was trying to give tranny's a shout out

  5. Bro u r loosing your shine u should watch the episode couple of times to review. From past couple of episode your review r getting worse u r not catching the exact thing the writer wants to show

  6. When Beerus said 'Say Something', it was meant for Champa.

  7. Vegeta is being pissed of cabba being erased

  8. No, Vegeta is pissed off not because of that…. seeing U6 wiped off with an entire Saiyan race being wiped out, reminded him wayyyy too much of when Frieza wiped out the Saiyans. He has a heavy weight of honour and pride for the Saiyans. He wants them to come back to power and prowess. And as well, has a family to defend that he loves deeply. These will be more important than Goku throwing more off. This will be what it takes for Vegeta to get U.I.-Offense.

  9. Beerus was speaking with the narrator.

  10. Now enjoy MastarMedia with 900k subscribers. Congrats man!!

  11. Beerus: Say Something
    Narrator: Oh! Uh…! Next time on Dragon Ball Super! (*phew! I thought I was done for XD*)

  12. in next episode vegeta willl be eliminated!!!

  13. Vegita is in that bad mood because Cabbe got erased, he cared about his student…that makes more sense…

  14. Oh yeah beerus upset no matter what siblings always care about eachother even if one of them is a piece of shit. But Frieza has full stamina that mofo should start boding these tired fighters

  15. Mastar, what are you on? You couldn't have been more wrong about the fuel behind Vegeta's anger.

  16. vegeta: oi you prepear yourself I'm in a bad mood

  17. The REAL OG in the episode was Piccolo with that collat special beam cannon

  18. I personally disagree with the statement that Android 17 will be eliminated. I actually believe that Android 18 will be eliminated. I feel as if the scene with him being blasted in the back was to throw everyone off, and Android 18 will catch him, and throw him back into the ring therefore sacrificing her life for his. What are your thoughts?

  19. Uh dude you were the one fuckin saying you bet universe 6 would go in this episode before 2 would in one of your other videos.

  20. Im still waiting for the sky to change color again

  21. I cryed when champa got erased

  22. I think we can all agree that Vegeta was definitely angry at seeing universe 6 get erased since he won't be able to visit planet Sadala

  23. I liked this episode for the most part. I believe the twist to the Super Dragon Ball wish will be that the Super Dragon is only powerful enough to bring back one universe not all of them and Goku says he’s going to try to wish them all back. I just have this weird feeling that’s not going to happen or be allowed, it will suck if none can come back. Next tournament will be between u7 and all the high ranking universes that are left hmmm.

  24. Let's all have a minute for the Hit fans who think he's still in the tournament.

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