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Goku and Android 17 Team Up! Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Preview Video // Breakdown

Goku and Android 17 Team Up! Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Preview Video // Breakdown Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Goku and Android 17 Team Up! Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Preview Video // Breakdown Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Goku and Android 17 Team Up! Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Preview Video // Breakdown watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. goku dies and beerus interferes with the help of whis's time reversal

  2. Won't be watching this filler shit

  3. Why are all the mini arc villains from space?

  4. How Many Episodes Will Anine War Have?

  5. and here we see vegeta.. he is pissed at something…. hmmmm doesn't sound like him at all haha

  6. hey bro where's natsu in anime war

  7. Looking forward to this Sunday!

  8. i love old dbz this is trash

  9. next time goku blue kaioken x100 vs yamcha

  10. Hey MaSTAR! How about this for a theory?

    What if Goku isn't Goku at all but already an evil Goku? Reasons for thinking this? –>

    When Vegeta fought Evil Goku, Vegeta told him that only a fool like Goku knows that body better and can do everything with it.
    Episode 30 of DBS reveals Goku already knew about Uub's reincarnation. Latest episode he forgot about it….

    Goku is now too focused on fighting and becoming stronger.
    The evil looks he has at times.
    He has become too naive and to me it seems he's learning about himself as well as about his friends around him to gain more info.
    Also… Two Zen-Oh… The evil one could be in cahoots with Goku and it may even be that only the Grand Priest realizes what actually is going on.. ??

    Yes, I know.. might sound far fetched… but hey, who knows?

  11. madstar what's the name of the opening for anime war

  12. was Goku testing Android 17 or did he go full power?

  13. beerus gets shocked because u know when he had a dream about fighting goku he had a dream of them losing but its a guess
    and vegeta probably gets angry because he found out that the universe dies its a guess and goku can't go super sayian blue 2 or 3 maybe because when he vs beerus he only transformed in to super sayian

  14. Maybe the minataurus get killed. Goku promises 17 that he can gett a wish to resurrect him with all of his friends and family. or maybe supreme Kai can create new life

  15. New transform confirm

    That why vegeta get *****

  16. Uhm I'm a vegeta fan and vegeta definitely gets a hint from beerus's dream when he wakes up he reveals to Vegeta that the universe will be erased thus making vegeta train like a beast with king kais weight which are 10 ton on each arm and leg and include the gravity room dude is gonna put his body through hell just like when he first became a super saiyan

  17. I still can't believe that no.17 is a male

  18. Goko should go to super saiyan blue 2 and super saiyan blue three.

  19. Hey, MaStar next time how about you do a Vegito vid. Try and calculate if he is stronger than Beerus. From my point of view
    SSJ3 is 400 times stronger than base form
    Vegito base form is stronger than SSJ3
    Vegito can go SSJ Blue which has to be over 500(estimate, but can't be less than 500) times stronger than base Vegito who is now 20000 times stronger than base Goku?

  20. Of all the idiotic wannabe villains in the Universe how do these morons not know that Earth is the home of Goku the guy who's pretty much fought and defeated a lot of the most feared villains (Frieza, Buu, etc) in the universe and that their kind wouldn't be welcome, their either oblivious and don't keep up with the news or just stupid. I know people will say their just hunting but Goku doesn't acknowledge any kind of evil even it is something minor.


  21. u should discuss about what dente talked with goku about a boy with the powers of Majin buu and being reincarnation of kid buu as uub

  22. Hey mann!! Can you just do a video of why dbz is showing ssj blue Goku to be so weak… Be it kuririn or buu or Android 17!! I just don't get it!!

  23. mastar if you dont respond i will un sub and tell all 50k of my freinds to un sub why is your website down i ordered a tshirt and it didnt arive and now your websites down

  24. it's looking like everyone one in dbs team in high on while making these episodes.

  25. Episode 87 another week & waste of our time…

  26. Power scaling has blow this show up the shitter. Roshi is going to be Whis level for no reason and then bulma will one shot Zeno

  27. People can't stay on topic to save their lives. The boring obsession with 'power scaling' continues as the same arguments are cycled over and over. Just watch the damn episodes and see what happens.

  28. What if the galactic poachers did manage to kill all the animals?
    Lapis no longer has a reason to protect the island and so he joins the tournament.

    If the animals were in fact saved, he'd still have a reason to stay an protect them even more than before since humans are no longer the only offenders.

  29. WTF BRO?! This isn't not just editing! It's talent… It's cool, SUBSCRIBED!!!

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