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Gohan’s Special Training

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. he wont be ssb level, but atleast he will be in his new prime.

  2. how many of you no that Zamasu's said to Vegito, You are a mortal, yet you have gained power that surpasses even gods. I found that very interesting, if you combined Goku and Vegeta together they will win the tournament off power

  3. And I believe you're grasping at straws. How can Piccolo that was shown also having weakened himself, whip Gohan into shape and surpass what the Elder Kaioshin did. Piccolo wasn't even able to completely stomp out Frost. And he should've been way superior to Frost. But he wasn't.
    Also again Gohan fans are pulling rabbits out of their asses. The Elder Kaioshin said in Z that he had the power to awaken all of Gohan's dorment power. And he did so.
    Gohan so called mystic form was never a thing, it was something fans made-up. It was simple base form Gohan which had his powers fully awakened through mystical means.
    Or in a more easier view, it's Toriyama doing asspulls. Because Gohan as he was in the pre-match would not amount to anything in the tournament of power. So like Krillin and 17. He's gonna pull some "new training" that will do in hours what Gohan and Piccolo didn't do in way over a year. If Piccolo had developed a new method of training then why didn't he already used it on himself. Here's why… Conveniency!
    Gohan needs a asspull of a power up and so he's gonna get one.

  4. id be cool of gohan don piccolos uniform lol

  5. Gohan gets his strength through emotions I can't wait till his back is against the wall and he does some crazy shit that gives me goosebumps and cheering without even noticing I'm looking like a creep watching #MAKEGOHANGREATAGAIN

  6. all I did was pushups situps squats and run and look how I turned out

  7. Vegeta is going to be strongest….

  8. i do think gohan will unluck a new transformation i think he will get a ssb transformation beacous goku will train gohan in 90 and in dbz goku trained gohan in time chameber gohan has 87% could unlock a new form

  9. Obviously Piccolo is stronger then Gohan right now. But once Gohan he gets his power back he will be stronger again. Gohan is not leagues stronger then Piccolo lol.

  10. this episode is going to be so badass

  11. Does that include dodging skills?

  12. That must be Yurin in the photo with Tien?

  13. Vegito blue should be way stronger

    ssg goku was 70%

    potara fusion + ssgb it should be waaaay more than beerus

  14. Miss the times when a good training last at least 6 months or 1 year.

  15. Vegeto ain't no stronger than berrus berrus can just disintegrate vegeto just by saying one word which is destroy or destruction the hell vegeto won't stand a chance

  16. guys! I don't know if anybody commented about this but, did anybody catch when beerus woke up saying he had a dream we're he saw a Goku die! but we all know that Goku did not die on today's episode obviously but, when beerus dreams about something it happens!!!!

  17. They need to resurrect Cell and Frieza for the fight.

  18. The Kai's trained Gohan to have God Ki already. It's going to be blue.

  19. SSGSS Vegito would absolutely destroy Beerus. Whis said himself that if they worked together, they could have a chance at beating him, and that's WITHOUT fusion. Vegito at this level would hands down make Beerus beg for mercy.

  20. nice video special training of gohan waiting for full episode! 😊✌💖 Awesome!

  21. I think you should save the continuation of Anime War to after the Tournament Of Power ends. That way you guys have more ideas and whatnot to use for Goku and friends as well as potential ideas for the plot.

  22. I hope he doesn't go bllue, while his mystic form becomes more powerful than blue, or maybe he can utilize red much better than blue…

    Gohan Mystic Red!

  23. He should just get a Maximum Potential Unlocked, a form which unlocks his rusty bodies fullest growing Potential into a form that has been through thorough training in order for Gohan to get his Ultimate Unlocked Form.

  24. Well its not really Mystic form its just his potential. And lol sorry for the nitpick but it's Ultimate Gohan. But you can call him whatever. Also he may go blue, if the key to that is perfect ki control, the training piccolo may give gohan maybe to try and control his ki so he can obtain it.

  25. Just hate how the inconsistency of this series made Gohan back buff when the fought in the exhibition instead of waiting for him to train afterwards

  26. hhhhhhh ok gohan and goku are strong but never stronger than vegeta the prince of all the sayain and tranks with the royal blood

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