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Gohan’s NEW Unprecedented Power – Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Spoilers

Gohan’s NEW Unprecedented Power – Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Spoilers Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Will gohan surpass Goku during the power tournament?

  2. I also think if gohan is going with the ultimate form and possibly getting the white form with the hair etc. i think it b awesome if goku showed gohan how 2 do kaio-ken on top of gohan mystic or ultimate form that b crazy n then i could c even more gohan b leader of universe 7 and im not going to count vegeta out but i also luv 2 c gohan get sum kai training as well

  3. you have to think about it his Mystic form in a sense is Godley because he learned it from the kais. the kais in a sense are angels so Gohan it kind of has like the angel type of power with the Mystic form. So it would make sense if he got a level that's completely different from anything anybody has seen.

  4. You have two assumptiosn wrong. Android 17 is not that strong. Just because goku went super saying blue against him doesn't mean he is strong. Goku at super saying 2 will beat 17 in seconds. Imagine light switches, there is a light switch for super sayin1 , another for 2 and another for 3. When those light switches are flipped, there is really no controlling how much you can give out, because its out of anger. Now imagine SSB as a dim switch. You can make it as weak as you want, or as powerful. The difference is, it allows you to fight for a long as time instead of burning out quickly, and its limit is with the user. So Goku and Vegeta are by far the strongest characters. I just wish they don't make gohan strong without training him. That will be dumb writing and lazy writing.

  5. what I think everyone keeps forgetting is that fundamentally Sayian power comes in response to a need SSB was in response to beerus. Gohans boost was in response to the tournament. Vegetas will be for his daughter and I think Vegeta fans are gonna have a good time watching because he has the most powerful motivation of all his daughter!

  6. like and replay to dis if u dont want gohan to surpass goku well i dont

  7. Vegeta doesn't train for two days and fans complain that "he is getting weak"… -_-

  8. What happens if Goku almost loses and then just goes to his new form because he was holding back?

  9. I don't think #17 held his own on SSBGoku… I think Goku typically goes into that form but holds back to match his energy with his opponents to see where their power is at… its similar to how Goku went against Master Roshi in the recent episode, he stayed normal and he'd hold back to match his power to his opponent.

    If Goku used the same power he used against Toppo with #17 and Gohan, I'm 100% sure Goku would destroy them.

    Also, Gohans already had the power inside him but him being a father just meant he put that power to the side, so a few hours with Piccolo, he just learned to reawaken that power and yes Gohan has been known to be one of the strongest fighters, even stronger than Goku (Probably just a bit above SSJ3 Goku, why would Toriyama introduce SSG or SSB for everyone else to overpower Goku, Goku's smart enough to balance his power with his opponents to see how strong they really are)

  10. Goku wont get a new form in the universe tournament because he already told Toppo that he can surpass his SSB Kaioken form! Which means he already has a new form!!

  11. and goku wont push his level see bro

  12. bro im telling you see he might get stronger than vegeta but not goku i can bet about that

  13. Mastar, stop sleeping on Vegeta man. He's been training all along

  14. Plus, who's gonna bet that when we get Xenoverse 3 we're gonna exchange Tien in that battle for our hero?

  15. Gohan our new god of destruction who's not gonna sleep on the job!

  16. Conversation between Gohan and Vegeta:

    Gohan: "It's finally happened, Vegeta. I'm stronger than dad!"
    Vegeta : "And you know this how?"
    Gohan: "We had a real fight, not a spar. Went all out. I clocked him and he just smiled!"
    Vegeta: (suspicious) "He told you he went at full power?"
    Gohan: "Of course-"
    Vegeta: (walks away) "Been there, done that."

  17. that when u wrong vegeta is traning

  18. correct me if i am wrong but i thought vegeta was the strongest fighter sense the black saga because of the hyper bolic time chamber that he destroy before going back to fight black the last time. outside the kaio ken i think vegeta was clearly stronger at that point because of the extra training that no one else did but correct me if im wrong

  19. we forget that vegetta has already gotten a boost or another  tranformation against  Goku Black….He was stronger than Goku at that time but Goku never used the Kiakan

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