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Gohan’s Mega Kamehameha – Anime War Behind the Scenes

Gohan’s Mega Kamehameha – Anime War Behind the Scenes Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Gohan’s Mega Kamehameha – Anime War Behind the Scenes Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I like the music what is the music

  2. its like MastarMedia did nothin ._.

  3. Go to mynicknameisnickgame and see the original animation u can actually see it there before mastar fucked it up…

  4. this scene is literally legendary

  5. THE HYPE IS SO REAL FOR EPISODE 3 OF ANIME WAR NOW. Never stop dude. Never. Stop.

  6. Team Mastar .I watching this scene over and over. The music you people choisse ,kame hame rotation camera,these epic detailed scene plus red sparks in eyes. Everythink was just perfect…… Anyway guys to the episode 3 !

  7. When is the next one coming out

    The impact frames, camera work, the kamehameha itself was awesome and detailed, and it was epic.

    BUT the last guy dropped the quality a bit with the blur abuse, though the rocks coming out of the ground was a nice addition.

    PLEASE take your time with the next episode. You got the skills, so I don't wanna see another episode in the next 3 months.

  9. This is the time when I scream"epilepsy seagure!

  10. damn that looked totally amazing. btw it's @SSJWGVegeta from twitter and wanted to thank you for letting me use your royal blood Vegeta as my main character but other than that, I wish I could join your team of animators but the thing is I draw by sight. I can't really create without having a picture of an anime together. I still do draw but ONLY by sight. like say if you wanted me to idk, improve on an outline of gohan and put the picture in front of me, I could do that along with color and whatnot but that's pretty much it. I self taught myself on how to draw by sight but I'm still improving

  11. Yo MaSTAR Media, nice episode man!!!
    I oberved that sparkle the Evil Gods has;
    I think it is a secret and dirty ability which we'll find out when the Evil Gods will beat the others ass!

  12. In my opinion gohan looks so faded when he is charging up also when he is firing the Kamehameha I feel as tho the camera angle and the beam size of the Kamehameha made it look like krilllin's weak ass Kamehameha

  13. It's extremely epic. The only (small) gripe I have with it is the small and thin beam in the middle of the scene. For a mega Kamehameha I would have liked something bigger. Nonetheless, epic as hell!

  14. Hyped for episode 3! Keep up the good work Mastar!

  15. This is epic MaSTAR. You bring so much happiness into what you do! Sometimes it's hard at school, and I come home to see the way you made this Gohan scene and it brings alot of inspiration to me doing the same thing when I grow up. I hope you this and it helps tou bring more content like this. Keep being awesome!

  16. Such God animation for such a short scene.

  17. I feel like I'm having an epilepsy. Maybe a little too much flash?

  18. The scene looks like it should be in dbs.


  20. mastar media you should really check out melaveli's "DRAGONBALL ABSALON"

  21. this new luffys special attack name should now start of with gomu gomu no meteor (move goes here) this is just a suggestion go ahead and do what you like

  22. Hey MaSTAR, can you please tell me what is the name of the music used in gohan kamehameha scene?

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