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GOHAN, You FOOL! Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 SPOILERS

GOHAN, You FOOL! Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 SPOILERS Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. how about if goku realize there is still to master in SSB?

  2. Everybody talked about jirens weakness and in the show the z fighters are getting their ass kicked….I m not sure jiren has a weakness.

  3. I wonder what kind of Character Dev. the writers will introduce. It seems obvious for Goku. We all still think Frieza has a master plan. 17 has nothing really new to gain. So it's really Gohan or Vegeta. These two are the only one's on U7 who have much more of a story to gain. Gohan has the highest potential for story based off possibilities and is getting the worst Rep. 1 thing is for sure. Our team have all been saved by someone (Except Frieza). Maybe Gohan saves him

  4. Ka -Me – Ha – find out what happens next time on Dragon Ball Super!

  5. This stupid ass fucking tournament is so corny. This is the same old shit every fucking time..all toriyama does is recycle the same old bullshit. Fucking corny

  6. so they Crapped on Vegeta once again

  7. I wanna see gohan go super saying rage

  8. Gohan didn't made mistake cuz he can beat that fat ass alone

  9. Master Media why you hate on No.17 since the beginning of the universe arc?

  10. I don't think Vegetas 2hits did anything I think Jiren was more surprised than anything

  11. Whis did say that if Goku & Vegeta worked together they’d be unstoppable.

  12. I’m a fan and I don’t want to see ultra instinct Vegeta. J I wasn’t fooled. But you were..again.

  13. i didnt think super saiyan blue vegeta could defeat jiren for a sec. jiren is simply not going all in

  14. Brings back memories when he couldn’t finish Cell. What a fool,,

  15. Hi why do people continue to think Vegeta is going to surpass goku. Goku is the main character and Gohan and Vegeta are the secondary characters behind Goku stop giving false hope to Vegeta and Gohan fans I would suggest that every one just watch the show for the truth not listening to these videos

  16. I really wanna see vegeta get ultra inst but why he stays weak?

  17. Lllooool to all the vegeta lovers being t bagged

  18. Bruhhh this is lame so vegetal gonna stay weak maybe fuse?

  19. Jiren punching patterns are lame 😂 they just need the intent to kill Jiren to do some damage

  20. I honestly think Goku is a lot stronger as blue now since his body has used ultra instinct

  21. Too bad cell is dead. He would have made a good god of destruction

  22. I bet android 17 also traps himself in a barrier after getting grabbed by Toppos sneak bear hug attack lol.


  24. It is quite weird for Gohan to hesitate eliminating both 17 and toppo and then in 124 transitions into helping frieza with dyspo… so what happened to 17 and toppo? So they just continue fighting with gohan abandoning 17? This maybe the opening for toppo to go Hakaishin level at 125 where he knocked 17 off…..dbs always do this just maybe to create that emotional point when maybe 17 gets eliminated and gohan starts to regret what he has done and then this triggers the new transformation for him to battle toppo. but I’d rather they take a new route than just this same type of plot all the time to elicit the power ups…. it’s just so weird to see gohan seesaw from being a smart fighter 1 episode and become absolutely dumb the next

  25. Maybe both goku and vegeta get 100 percent blue like they did against zamasu in the manga. If Vegeta can lay a blow on Beerus in the manga i think him and Goku should do decent damage until ultra instinct. HOPEFULLY, because nobody wants Geets to get knocked out like a bitch..

  26. I have really think Vegeat will get the attacking part of UI and Goku will activate the defensive one like it's been said before, so now you have Vegeta and Goku having to fight together like Whis said they should to be able to beat any opponent

  27. Towards the end u say u don't know why full power Blue goku is being bigged up was thinking it probably because he's been wrecked twice in quick succession and we all know saiyins get stronger after each time there pushed that far so maybe his blue level has reached a new level in power and should technigly be a lot stronger now

  28. Can the anime please get off of gokus dick

  29. Hey guys what happens to the limit breaker ui?

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