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Gohan vs Toppo! Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Discussion

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Gohan is gonna shown with high screen time in next coming episodes of DB super.

  2. Gohan defeats Jiren. Jiren owns Goku and Vegeta gets knocked out. Gohan gets pissed off and turns his up his power and then his hair turns White.

  3. Whoever thinks gohan is equal or nearer to ssb goku and vegeta full power
    Give a like

  4. Might be setting the stage for a last battle dramatic FIGHT vs Jiren. Up The same android 16 SS2 transformation scene. Android 17 sacrifices himself to push him

  5. Great video how this sound Gohan mystic god

  6. Hey MaSTAR Media, can you give me a heart if you like the idea of Goku and Gohan fusing into Gokhan against Jiren.

  7. Jiren is weak to hits to the gut im calling it

  8. Yo mastar , I think Gohan doesn’t eliminate toppo because he wants to keep number advantage . I don’t think Gohan chokes just thinks about it . Not too many minutes left and jiren is OP .

  9. Gohan is purely thinking numbers, he'll save 17# let him recharge then go and help Freiza with Dyspo.

  10. Ultimate Gohan is A LOT stronger than ssj3.Writers even made him fight on par with SSB(which doesn’t make sense),so yeah,there you have it…

  11. I actually believe there is not going to be a final battle between two opponents to decide the faith of the two universes , but I think universe 7 is going to win because they are going to have more warriors left on the stage when the tournament is over .

  12. Where do you get that t-shirt from I want one?

  13. I’m sorry, but if you powerscale, Gohan is going to get shit-stomped by Toppo. But it mainly will be a fanservice fight.

  14. Milking tf out of dbz super talking about the same spoilers every video

  15. In your opinion, will gohan hold a new form ?above the ultimate (125/126..?)!
    will you make a video on freezer..? Sorry i'm french ..
    A votre avis est ce que gohan aura une forme au dessus de "l'ultime" ?? que vois tu comme suite pour Freezer ?

  16. LOL,Scott should make a video:”How to get big triceps like Jiren”…

  17. MaSTAR is one bert and ernie ass looking mofo XD XD XD

  18. Fuck gohan I wanna fight toppo

  19. Isn't it "verSUS"?… because I'm hearing "verse"….

  20. io think gpohan didn't want to fdamage

  21. I like the collaboration between you to you guys some of my favorite youtubers keep up the good work

  22. Pretty sure Someone should have fused to recover his stamina cough cough. Goku is going to no way be in any shape to take out jiren his power has got to be near dead. I would have assumed Frieza would take toppo. Gohan to the rabbit guy while Goku recovers enough. Or they could just coast it out but where's the fun in that. They could have easily won but I think Jiren doesn't have the stamina to take on the whole team. Can't wait.

  23. Why do I feel like Gohan might get Super Saiyan Blue

  24. Mastar is so close too 1M!!!!

  25. I'm so down with Gohan, nothing against him but it was a chance to take, other part I understand it isn't in Gohan nature hurting a teammate and I hope 17 isn't down cause of that.

    But I feel and understand everyone opinion/reaction to this but I'm neutral on 123 cause it hasn't even aired yet and might go different as the WSJ said😉

  26. Somehow the they just decided to make Gohan look like crap…don’t know what’s up with that…Gohan needs a new form…!..Maybe Gohan needs to see Goku get beaten the crap out of to trigger his new form.

  27. Goku said to Vegeta, that he had to turn blue to fight Toppo and still had a hard time, how the hell can Gohan take him, if anyone can fight Toppo alone it's Frieza.

  28. We all know gohans so smart now if anything he knows there strength in numbers so he doesn't want sacrifice teammates

  29. Wtf what is Scottie doing here 😀

  30. toppo would shit on gohan 1 on 1, people who don't understand that are a dumb gohan fan, I am a gohan fan myself but toppo would shit on him

  31. Mastar and scott in the same vidéo
    That's magnificent

  32. He looks like vin diesel-one punch man

  33. Man gohan he better put in some work.

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