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Gohan vs Lavenda – Dragon Ball Super

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Universe 11 – The Clown God's Kingdom –

  2. at the beginning and end of every arc so far everyone has been saying gohan is coming back and blah blah but it still hasn't happened yet so I'll hold my breath 😂

  3. Gohan going to win the fight subscribe to DBZ Matthew that's me and I will give u a theory

  4. Gohan is like Superman/Hulk he constantly holds back he doesn't like fighting. I think similar to what happened to him during the Cell saga that all the stuff he usually bottles away gets released and he becomes stronger than ever before. I think at the end of Super if Gohan never obtains SSG and SSGSS that his strongest from should still be stronger than base from Goku and Vegeta by a large amount. If base form Goku and Vegeta have a power level of 160-200 billion at the end of Super then Gohan should be around 300-600 billion but can't transform. I feel like the characters especially Goku and Vegeta should acknowledge that without them achieving SSG form they would never have gotten that powerful.

  5. Yeah but gotenks is a kid and goku is an adult has had 6/7 years of practice. Therefore gotenks ssj 3 is weaker than goku ssj3

  6. i think picolo might take gohan to the training time chamber(which puts 1 year of training in a day)so he can quickly regain his strenth from the past like back then when he beat cell and barely defeated cell so gohan will probably be more capable of lasting longer in the fight and might easily win.I want gohan to win and he's me 3rd favorite sayin in the dragon ball series.

  7. too much talk not enough dbz.

  8. Omg why does everybody keep saying Mystic Gohan. Its not a thing people. Fans made it up. Akira even said so. Said Gohan couldve went ss against Buu but didnt need too.

  9. ehm gohan was training alot longer they gave hints of that if you didnt notice so you are all wrong

  10. Where do you watch dragonball?

  11. basil , lavenda and bergamo is so badass

  12. Theory About the match:
    I'm pretty sure Zeno wouldn't like to see a one-sided(boring) match… so it'll probably end with Universe 9 revealing their power levels so Gohan stands an entertaining chance
    A tie ensues

  13. 4:14 when you call your older brother

  14. Gohan said in the last episode to goku, "Dad, see how strong I'm" I think he will win, and he's will get some new technique i dont know is my opinion, I hope beerus get scare of gohan power….. hahahhaha

  15. Gohan can easily go in the hyperbolic time chamber and train for 6months to a year in one day.

  16. why picollo not goku his father that is desperate for a fight and at about bardock 3rd did u know they could bring bardock at any time and just say he's been on a nearby planet training all these years and got ssjb

  17. they need to fix their faces 😑😡


  19. Mby Super saiyin god super saiyan? (Rage activates)

  20. What I don't understand is why doesn't gohan train with goku? Hopefully in the future he does, knowing that goku continues to get stronger. Gohan needs to train with goku as he did during the cell saga.

  21. Dude it's obvious what will happen gohan is a savage goku even said with his potential when gohan is backed in a corner he'll have no choice but to go through his opponent I think that's what. Gonna happen

  22. I guess the best way to put Gohan is he had the potential to be the best but he did not keep going for it. he is like the itachi of dragon ball could of been the best fighter to ever live but honestly was always a pacifist.

  23. I honestly think that gohan and goku willl lose.

  24. I think its very utmost definitely going to be Gohan losing. which pushes him to train super hard and hit a new form.

  25. No it didn't we know gohan ain't a fighter anymore but a family but the thing u gohan haters are forgetting the life of pan and videl are on the line and I'm sure even u gohan haters will agree to is wen your family life is at risk who knows what he is capable of

  26. Gohan been training since the goku black ark cos if u look at the end of the goku black ark wen future trunks was leaving picclo as carrying an battle tired gohan to see future trunks off

  27. i believe that gohan will arrive the god form too but before he will be very strong as ssj2.

  28. base on common sense because of what we've seen in some movie i think gohan will lose because there will be no thrill if gohan wins because the score will be 2 to 0. no need to fight for goku because they already won.

  29. I have to give a shout out to the animators for hearing the fans. There is definite improvement in the detailing, character design and linework. I was looking at the details of the animation, example Goku standing next to Gohan. You see that although Gohan is 'buffed' he still has a somewhat smooth look to his muscle. Goku's muscle is more detailed (see neck, upper chest around the collarbone) from years of work and more physical maturity. Also, Goku's hair is solid black that reflects no light, while Gohan's has highlights that show. The original character design for saiyans is this type of hair that 'reflects no light' so kudos for the attention to these details. There are still a few inconsistencies, like in one panel supreme kai's hair was really short.

  30. Time chamber ???
    Did we forget about it

  31. Master it's acutaly lavender not lavenda

  32. Not a fan of DBS Reaction/Review channels. But, you sir just Won a Like.

  33. this is completely wrong in rf tagoma was relativistic to mystic Gohan when he fought super buu and as we all saw Gohan wrecked tagoma in his ssj form saying that he's weak is just incorrect by that logic Gohan in his prime Is weak

  34. he could have trained in the hyperbolic time chamber( being that he has a whole episode to train he can train for years in there)

  35. when is episode 80 comeing out

  36. According to me, Both Gohan and Goku will lose their fight.

  37. So did he forget about the hyperbolic time chamber ?

  38. Basil is a fox, Lavender is a coyote, and Bergamo is a wolf

  39. Super Saiyan 3 Mystic Gohan… is that possible? just curious

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