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Gohan VS Krillin! Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Preview Video // Breakdown

Gohan VS Krillin! Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Preview Video // Breakdown Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Gohan VS Krillin! Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Preview Video // Breakdown Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. gohan win vs freezer and lose vs krillin

  2. Gotta say DBS suck's at a lot of aspects that DB had right in both story and character development.

  3. cheesy episode, just finding weak people to fight in the power tournament. find a better story line instead. Bitch boy kriilian fighting two of the strongest and winning so shit. What next tien beating whis

  4. Are voices gohan you sound like him

  5. Wow I like how serious gohan seems now. This gohan is so much better than nerd gohan

  6. he's new technique is solar ×100

  7. Clearly, Vegeta is the strongest, smartest, bravest fiercest, strongest Warrior of all time. Gohan is nowhere close to the prince level and we were all bear witness to his great power when he hands everyone their asses and wins the tournament and become the true God of Destruction after beating Goku, Whis, beerus and even the grand Priest. the world will finally bow down and bear Witness to the long-awaited return of the Prince to his rightful place.

  8. Oh Gohan, leave the combat plans to picollo (:

  9. Gohan better use the time chamber like hell because he got fucking wooped by Krillin

  10. Krillin new Technique is already revealed 0:08


  11. Solar flare that you can't shield with glasses or closing your eyes.

  12. we dont want to hear your fukin words man just put the damn video on …

  13. If you can see the preview of the next episode, Krillin did use the Solar Flare technique which could be an asset in the Tournament of Power. If you can remember the rules of the tournament, it is not allowed to kill and they need to eliminate their opponents by knocking them out of the ring. I think Solar Flare could be a technique that Krillin, Picollo, Tien and Master Roshi can use in the Tournament that could blind everyone and then Gohan, Goku and Vegeta, Android 17 and 18 will take advantage of knocking out the stronger guys out of the ring for elimination. They are no match even the likes of Cabba, Frost or Basil that could overwhelm them. But it is not the about the power levels anymore, it's about intelligence and the good use of techniques that will prevail in the battle royale. If it's all about power, they could have settle for Trunks and Goten since the two can use fusion technique and can power up way more than Krillin.

  14. I think it would be best if Krillin not create a one time hit-and-kill technique that would need a considerable amount of energy to impact any damage on these components in the upcoming tournament and then more than likely be left completely drained, but instead a technique that could raise his power to a new level. Based on the tournament, strength is key so a new power boost technique would make sense.

  15. krillin's new technique is " wolf fang fist''

  16. well as all martial artists like krillin he should be able to power up like the sayians do im sure its based on a power transformation attack that he has been training on sort of like gohan who is half earthling and sayin thats my opinion

  17. Fuck Krillin, make Yamcha great again.

  18. I still believe that a good amount of Z Warriors will get power ups and it will be because of Goku and Vegeta. I'm going back to what whis said 2 Goku and Vegeta when they first started using God Ki . he said that their Ki was leaking out too much. and as we know they haven't mastered the blue form yet. My theory is because they can't control their ki leaking that is going to blend in with the other Warriors Ki which will boost their power levels. I believe that's what happened with trunks

  19. i think its going to be something to help control his ki like when master roshi put goku and krillin in that jungle i think he is going to master his ki

  20. only person that gives me the chills is Krillin.

  21. dw krillin will win tournament by himself, he did defeat super shenron after all XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  22. What if boldi could go super human(supersayan)

  23. bruh I think he be training with goku on the low remember they had said they wore gon start working out together

  24. goku went Super Saiyan Blue because, if krillin wants to survive he at least needs to be able to be a match with goku at that level duh, all the fighters are as strong or even stronger then what they ever faced… It only makes sense for Goku to train or spar with him in that form. Its like, if he can't hold his ground in that form then… there a problem!!!

  25. His new technique could be the reason why goku turns ssgss

  26. wind style, rasen destructo disk

  27. I think krillin's new move is going to be a spirit bomb

  28. How exactly is Toriyama gonna power up Krillin to be on par with the saiyans? Krillin got left in the dust way back during the Namek saga. His power now is arguably not even what Goku's was during his first fight with Frieza.

  29. Wow who the hell hired these artists? Just pause frame by frame and look at how bad the characters look. I thought DBZ made alot of money ><.

  30. It'd be cool if he mastered ki control like vegeta and goku, but Instead of reaching god level it makes him as strong as the super saiyan form.

  31. solar flare will not work cause the stage is not be lighted by the sun

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