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GOHAN vs Frieza!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Preview Video // Breakdown

GOHAN vs Frieza!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Preview Video // Breakdown Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch GOHAN vs Frieza!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Preview Video // Breakdown Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. why dedicate two whole episodes to
    a fuckin Ribrianne…?!?! Really super?

    Give the fight dick tease Maji Kayo half a minute and some
    tard fat unlikable character 2 whole episodes…makes
    sense…fuck you super

  2. Frost is no aiming for free to betray him.
    Smh what made u say that.

  3. I wonder what would be the
    Power level of
    (gojeta + kaio ken)
    (Goku-gohan fusion) + kaio ken.

    Where, vegito SSB could easily beat fusion zamasu.

  4. Why is gohan not strong he supposed to be strong fighter. Now he is just more and more noon

  5. I'm probably the only person that doesn't like spoilers lol, I just come for discussion and theories.

  6. frieza will betray frost done.

  7. Spoiler– When goku fights Jiren goku will have a NEW form 🙂

  8. This is probably gohans comeback maybe he finally become super saiyan god

  9. Yo if Cabba knocks out toppo I'll lose soo much respect for toppo but 9/10 most likely won't happened but you never know what they will do

  10. Ever think that shot of frieza being punched isn’t Gohan?! It could be Goku interjecting

  11. Frieza and frost is going to maybe kill Gohan so Goku gets his new for limit breaker

  12. What if jiren isn't as strong as everyone thinks ??

  13. Gohan should be able to smoke frieza

  14. The rematch that we have been waiting for!!!
    Remember when gohan fought freezia on namik? Wonder what would happen

  15. Guys where is piccolo
    Wasn't he supposed be with Gohan ?
    I think piccolo is eliminated next

  16. I think Gohan is smart enough not to engage 2 Powerful fighters by himself lol I'd hope he would have an escape plan, or maybe a strategy of playing possum, since neither of them know his actual power level ?? I just can't see him being knocked out just yet.

  17. Picclo will get knocked off saving Gohan.

  18. Is it possible we might get azaru cabba we haven't seen no ape transformation is it possible he has a tail we just can't see it

  19. Nobody is better than being freiza then frieza lol 😂

  20. Lol frieza isn't going to knock of gohan he's gonna fight him and play with him then catch frost off guard and kill them

  21. Im not in it to see jiren vs goku Im waiting to see everybody's face when frieza transforms

  22. Ir maybe frost is holding the beam over gohan while frieza goes on to knock out other uni 7 warriors

  23. If Gohan gets knocked out that would be the biggest let down of the series. He hasn't had one good moment yet. Plus they have been building him up to rival Goku in power.

  24. Laughed so hard my throats hurts at that intro.

  25. who thinks cabba can defeat toppo? Even goku couldn't defeat him with his blue…It will be really stupid to see that cabba defeated toppo.If every one can transform without a hard work..what is the point of goku & vegeta s training.

  26. Cabba is not going ssb. Cabba is not strong enough for Toppo. Toppo => SSB.

  27. I bet they both purposefully get knocked out our purpose to challenge the overall god of the universes

  28. Frieza wants to know universe 6 plans and if Frost has a higher transformation since they're the same. Frieza is an Emperor. Which means the bastard is actually smart. He knows he could trigger the monkey to get stronger. He has seen Gohan get stronger as a child. He wants to trigger Gohan to get stronger because he has been watching that Jiren Character and knows someone is gonna have to ware him down before the stronger ones fight him. Frieza sees an opportunity to leave to any universe when tournament is over . He would want Goku to win because He knows Gokus soft heart would wish universes back. But he will do something shady to make Goku get stronger just like he triggered his First SSJ transformation. He is the character that got Goku to transform SSJ for the first time, it's only right he triggers the next transformation

  29. Why does Frieza have a halo over his head?

  30. Obviously frost is trying to kill 2 birds with a stone.. frieza illuminates gohan THEN frost gets his chance to get frieza off the stage ..

  31. Frieza should be hakaied by beerus

  32. sigh, no faith in gohan, so far, the prediction of whoever is holding the dragonballs will get eliminated, so far krillin, tien and master roshi had 1 2 3 star dragonballs. Gohan will not get eliminated, Piccolo will save gohan and get eliminated.

  33. I really dont wanna say it but gohan might get eliminated :

  34. Gohan is having all the potentiality to beat Jiren. Gohan is a never giving up guy.

  35. Real nice vids Mastar, I'm a huge anime/dragon ball/super fan and enjoy ur content. Keep up the good work!

  36. It would be cool if this is how we get to see a new form from Gohan.

  37. yall keep forgetting everyone is not fighting at full power

  38. what if MaSTAR Media, Cabba IS about to get knocked off, then vegeta saves him, vegeta is like, cabba, let me take him, could be could be…….

  39. remember gohan vs goku? goku needed to go full power to knock out gohan, and frieza needed only super saiyan blue to almost beat frieza, so i think gohan should be ok

  40. Arcosian=Race of Frieza (I think)

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