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Gohan, Light of the Saiyans

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Watch Gohan, Light of the Saiyans Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. White mistic god form kinda like ssbss

  2. Take a shot every time he says "white".

  3. I love gohan he is really good

  4. Gohan = Ryu and Goku = Akuma 100%

    I really think Gohan wil battle his own father because goku will get lost in thirst for battle, Goku is a full sayin afterall (its just in his nature).

  5. I think he'll get ssj white because toriyama said it was originally blue was supposed to be white

  6. They should really put this epic background music when gohan transform to white ultimate form that would be really epic and give that god like vibe for gohan

  7. Imagine, an end acr (ish?) of DragonBall Super saga is against Goku Red as the antagonist who's been absorbed by his berserker mode (polar opposite of Super saiyan god, a god of battle or something) , and the one who can stand against Goku is Gohan, the literal light of the Saiyans (Super Saiyan White). Father VS son, the bittersweet battle! Almost poetic.

  8. Why white? Why make him look like an old man?

  9. is the red hair of goku is SUPER SAIYAN GOD

  10. Goku himself even said that Gohan will always be the strongest in the universe. Even is stronger than him.

  11. What if gohan turns out to be the super sayian god berus was looking for At the begining of super?

  12. Gohan and Goku fuse to become Gokhana

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