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Gohan is a TOTAL BEAST!

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. what you mean they are done with transformations I bet jiren will transform.

  2. I hope this battle Royal arc should be like fornite😂

  3. Its look like that anime war ep 6 is going to release

  4. Srsly not getting so much hype from.these episodes plus that these folks from un 3 are boring actually expect un 6 and 11 the rest are boring..

  5. Gohan does have God ki or equivalent . He is powered up by kaioshin's mystic power bullshit. So gohan is pretty powerful.definitely ssjg level or blue even.

  6. They downplaying Gohan I look at him at the same power level when he faught cell smh new moves no increase in power

  7. 👏👏👏 gohan did good ,hasn't been his most epic moments in this tournament but where he should be

  8. What makes me so mad is goku and vegeta go blue against the merged robot but than in the next episode against the 4 way merged foe vegeta is super saiyan and goku is SSG…. the continuity is trash

  9. 17 is gonna get knocked off next episode

  10. Vegeta looked like a midget here

  11. Do not make things up MaSTAR. Gohan still has not showed anything so far to put him even on ssg level. Only the fanboy in you is saying he is close to even ssb. Sorry.

  12. Does mastar respond to fans?…….

  13. Toriyama should write at the end of episode 120, "CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully wasted 20 minutes of your life".

    Dumbest episode I've ever seen. Thank goodness we only gohan badass.

  14. It's about damn time that Freza gonna Fight!!! And iff the androids 17 & 18 have unlimeted Stamina than 17 could boost Goku back to full Stamina

  15. “His name was viagra” 😂😂😂😂😂 you killed me

  16. And to think that gohan was supposed to be the main character of the series…

  17. Soon to be broken man: WHYYY??!! WHY WON'T YOU DIE??!!
    Cell: Ooh prince. Has that ever worked?! You know what? Don't answer that.

  18. How r they gonna fuse? He is the only one left.. rest all are eliminated. It's just his transformation.

  19. I wish Future Trunks was in this tournament

  20. The U3 fusion looks like Hatchyjack (or however thats spelled)

  21. !!!!!!! viagra, HAHAHA MaSTAR Media get`s DIRTY LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Why does everyone expect gohan to be so powerful? He’s not full bred saiyan so it makes no sense tbh he should be strong but come on after not training for so long it should take him much longer to come even close to goku & vegeta imo.. but i mean goku was super saiyan 2 beating his mystic form up so its all good cx

  23. Everyone is so excited about old Gohan coming back but what if he goes back to the start of DBS Gohan after the tournament

  24. NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING INCLUDING gohan will ever be better than when Goku forced him to fight perfect cell and then gave cell the bean to power him up! that was the absolute best gohan fight and story of every single dragon ball EVER!!!

  25. Dr macaroni think his evil, I would like frieza introduce to him and see what evil real is

  26. I have a feeling that one of two things is going to happen. Freeza will strike on eleven. Or freeza will strike on his own and one of universe 11 will protect him. Who knows. Its just a feeling I get

  27. Android 17 & 18 being cool………

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