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Gods and Men – DOUBLE Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 and 105 Analysis

Gods and Men – DOUBLE Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 and 105 Analysis Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Gods and Men – DOUBLE Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 and 105 Analysis Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Everyone Mastar's server is finally partnered!! Join right now! https://discord.gg/mastarmedia

    Mastar pin this comment please.

  2. No I know who's the Omni king it's MaSTAR Media

  3. I thought that bird Natsu guy's transformation was a reference to Blanka from street fighter

  4. because they brought roshi back to life, it was legit the worst episode of dragon ball i've ever seen.
    it would have been by hands down and by far the best. but no. so fuck you, super. fuck you.

  5. Mastar. How do you feel about the elimination theory of universe 7. The theory is, that the order of our universe elimination is shown in the outro. Showing krillin first, tien second, vegeta third, both androids, piccolo, roshi, frieza, the goku and gohan being the finalist. Let me know what you think. I'm really interested in your input. Please let us know in a video. Please. Thanks.

  6. Bro, where are you at with the videos? They've released new information about the show, a new episode has came out, whats the word brotha

  7. I can't belief the Omni kings are that strong in fact they look way weaker than Master Roshi !!!!

  8. Hello Master Media,
    I been watching your videos for a week and new to your channel, i was wondering if you can put kale & caulifla in anime war?

  9. its just that the writers dont know shits … like dispo saying he can go to sound or light speed when needed … goku s been x100 times light speed since sayain saga and popo taught him to dodge lightning when he was like 4 year old .. dbs makes me really mad

  10. Hey master media I'm asking you or some one tell me that new episode 106 coming or not I'm waiting for so long

  11. Hey mastar i dont know if you have noticed that in the outro of dbs we can see that everyone except gohan and goku everyone is just watching and goku and gohan are fighting
    Maybe this could mean something

  12. MASTAR i think your negative opinion on Master roshi power is off. We all know "mastar roshi :)" has been alive wayy before goku was even thought of…and then he was still old in Dragon Ball. We don't know Master Roshi's background for his past life was never meantioned throughout dragon ball itself.

  13. Uploadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  14. How long did they fight in blue against goku black and zamas? I just feel they could use their power to wipe out a bunch of people quickly and it would use less stamina than get their ass kicked like they have been doing.

  15. I Mastar Media hates "Master Roshi" C'm0n he's too experienced and not the weakest in all team…what about "tien"..

  16. Master Roshi is def stronger than Tien, as seen when Goku went to recruit Master Roshi. Also Master Roshi uses ki to buff himself up, thats how he was able to tank some of those hits.

  17. I've watched almost every video you've posted, and in 99% you mention the Manga. Got a site I can go to, to read it? This is just like the Walking Dead for me. I didn't realize right away that it was a comic before the show, and I LOVE the comic. So I'm certain I'll feel the same about the DragonBall Magna.

  18. I have a question to you mastar media,is samazu immortal because he wish to the dragon ball and he said make his body immortality but whis said immortals cant defeat by the god of destruction but beerus hakai him,is he truely immortal?

  19. The manga is actually BETTER it's sad.
    Less filler too! So much raw shit!

  20. for the jar my guess is that despite being an item, it's useless without the technique and so should be allowed.

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