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GOD Goku and Hit vs Universe 11! Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Preview Video // Breakdown

GOD Goku and Hit vs Universe 11! Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Preview Video // Breakdown Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch GOD Goku and Hit vs Universe 11! Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Preview Video // Breakdown Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. so now goku can juse sayin red god or tru sayin god form ? and not having to resive a sayin god incartation that requre a circle of 5 sayins and all have to chuse 1 sayin to becom a god for like 30 min ? he can turn it of and on ? that not the lore !

  2. So super saiyan God is also abused now, huh

  3. it all makes sense boys Toirama is not stupid if u think and he dont
    makes this Series alone !!! i 100 % understand all of his Power Levels
    just not the thing that he makes picccolo so damn powerless. Beerus vs
    Goku ssj3 used about 0.07% of his Power , against vegeta ss2 Rage (after
    Beerus hits Bulma) about 0.09% and Fighting God goku it maked him use
    about 1% then Goku and Vegeta went ssb what is about 2% of Beerus power
    after Fighting Freezer and training for the tournamend they get 3% of
    Beerus then fighting Hit Goku did kaio ken times 10 it was 30% Beerus (
    for a short time), Beerus was schocked becouse he get so close to his
    full Power in a short time, in Goku black saga they went on 4% Beerus
    and the Vegito Fusion is about 25%-30% of(Beerus) after the Goku black saga they are about 5% of (Beerus)
    after apsorbing the Blue aura Goku and Vegeta get to 15%-20% of Beerus
    maximum !!! i think it is most like this. Sorry guys for repeat myself
    and for my bad Englisch as well bye

  4. impossible
    Super saiyan god is stronger than Super saiyan blue ( Vegeta )
    Vegeta damn damn damn damn !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Where in the hell is vegeta???!

  6. Super Saiyan God is faster than blue, in the manga vegeta uses super saiyan god against black to win with speed, and by turning ssb only when he had to hit black

  7. Maybe Goku decided to go for SSJ God intead of SSJ Blue, because the higher the form the more stamina it consumes. Goku might have thought for Dyspo he need power but wants to save his stamina for stronger or strongest fighter like Jiren and Yaedrat (of Uchū 2).

  8. Is no one questioning how he turns SSG?

  9. Hey Research a little about one piece

  10. when goku wins the tournament of power i think that he will try to wish the universes back but he would fail as the decisions made by the omni king cant be reversed and then goku will be like give me more power so i can defeat the omni king but that would also be beyond the super dragon's limit and then goku will tap into a new form with rage and the angels wil be divided into good and bad angels and they will help goku fight zeno. maybe when god of destructions from the universes which are not competing will start to see goku as a kind man and they wil also help goku and thus the rule of omni king nd th grand priest will drop. after zeno is gone all the decisions made by him would be rversed and all the universes woud be back including universe14 15 16etc.

  11. Your wrong about why he's going red most likely it's probably just so he can save power because blue uses so much more energy they say, and he can probably beat him pretty easily then in just red

  12. i think supersayian god is less anergie to goku than supersayan blue

  13. Maybe Goku went super saiyan god because the power he had gained stays with him. That, and the god ki that he gets from super saiyan god, may give him enough power or experience to control his god ki even more and achieve that new form

  14. Naruto fire > Goku SSGod
    Sasuke eye> Hit time skip…
    I know..hahahahahaha

  15. SSG form achieved on his own? Hmmm..unlimited stamina, more speed, regeneration ability?
    The whips reminded me of one the Bojack characters that had a very similar technique.

  16. LOL that impression at the beginning.

  17. Where Is The Episode 103 ??
    Haven't Seen That Episode.. Please Anyone Hook Me Up With That Episode!!

  18. who here is eager to watch the new episode?!?! FUCK I CANT WAIT !

  19. So I know everyone is annoyed with Goku being so reckless, but he doesn't need to protect himself really. I have a theory based on the history of DBS and DBZ. Saiyan's get stronger each time they take damage and heal, so on the off chance anyone does hurt him, why not use SSG to heal himself, getting stronger as a consequence. Though he hasn't taken any real damage, this is an easy transformation to use to recoup any minor injuries. I have wondered why he hasn't utilized this from the beginning due to their DNA and the way their bodies react to damage

  20. I don't believe your theory about ssjg is faster than ssjb and ssjb is only good ki control. I believe that Goku is fighting the troops because their power lvl is the same as being Goku, transforming into a ssjg. Ssjb also increases speed because Goku uses that form to spar with whis, he wouldn't able to keep up with whis if he transformed into a ssjg.

  21. Y gohan is not turn super sayian blue

  22. how much timee left in anime war 5 dragon

  23. why do i think all ?? well we will know on saturday just wait

  24. Goku can transform ssj god red in hes own POWER?

  25. is this tournament of power Goku will show all his form and different color of his hair just to match of the ability of the enemy, maybe in the end of this tournament Goku will show his super saiyan Rainbow while fight Jeren.

  26. Plots that possibly can happen:

    Frieza get's betrayed and knocked off by Frost, cause Frost DOES have the same habit in his nature, like Frieza.
    *The more universes get's erased, triggers Goku further more to the no-limit-breaker form.
    *Goku & Vegeta will battle it out against Jiren & Toppo as the last 4 supreme fighters of the Tournament.
    *Gohan was not giving his full potential, he's hiding a new power since he wanted to get his own unique form.
    *Frieza attempts something stupid with either Zeno or kills an warrior and get's erased right at the spot.
    *The whole Future Zeno infected by Zamasu theory (sceptic)
    *Goku wants to wish everyone back but the Grand Priest will not allow that since they needed the balance by wiping the weakest universes and therefore threatens Goku. So it could be a possible fight (Not sure eitherway, cause since they got erased, it might be impossible anymore to wish anyone back (But about the fight, maybe that''s the poster teaser quote; Something terrible is about to happen)

    And even deeper: Goku wants to wish everyone back that got killed/erased by both, Zeno & Future Zeno… which means, Zamasu, at least his spirit will come back alive also, which gives a deeper storyline since Zamasu destroyed all the gods and continues his Zero Mortal Plan.

    Don't hate me on these theories. I love DragonBall and can't wait every single day to see some conflicts in motion.

    Keep it up MaSTAR Media

  27. Or vegita becomes Super Saiyan Rose

  28. Vegita becomes super sayin God gold form to save hit and goku

  29. Super Saiyan God + Kaioken. I think SSG have ability to heal himself :))

  30. i was so lost Goku can just go SSG then i remembered they need 6 Saiyan's then i counted Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Caulifla, Kale and Cabba so big team up coming up

  31. You should start doing the dubs for dbs

  32. think we will see vegeta use this form in the tournament?

  33. God form and omni forms are different right??

  34. I think goku gonna fuse kaioken and super saiyan god to get that new form

  35. Dyspo got burned like when goku did the spirit and put it on him vs android 17 then android 17 got burned

  36. The reason why goku and hit are teaming up is cause they ordered sushi instead they delivered hamburgers that's my prediction.. or could be the reason why the guy has that weird stuff all over the place is cause he found a hidden treasure and doesn't want hit to get it.. You are full of shit with your stupid predictions

  37. This go be a great episode
    And I love your background music

  38. Now he won't team up with his own team but he'll team up with an enemy

  39. I think those ropes are more like bojacks henchmens that drain their power.

  40. I think because of ssg red has a healing factor, Goku will use kaioken!

  41. There's 37 minutes left until the tournament ends. I'm really starting to think the comments about 48 minutes 48 episodes is not a joke.

  42. People it doesnt matter if goku goes super saiyan God super saiyan blue super saiyan level 9000, super duper saiyan, or goes through 600 transformations in 3 episodes….

    Somehow, dragonball super will find a way to make him look stupid YET AGAIN.

  43. They have watered down ssjb/ssjg. Now it's like meh, not that strong. Even a first time ssj was able to tank goku ssjb? really. 0 fights and she is more powerful than ssjb.

  44. I cant wait till its Piccolo's time to shine is. Piccolo is bad ass and underrated. You know that bitch is hiding something

  45. So is Goku going to be able to transform to God, or will he need five other saiyans (which we have) in order actual re-achieve the form?

  46. Chances are, goku is gonna cockblock hit vs jiren again next episode

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