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GO GOHAN! MORE Dragon Ball Super Episode 120-121 SPOILERS

GO GOHAN! MORE Dragon Ball Super Episode 120-121 SPOILERS Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Nah I personally think that vegita should get ultra instinct later on in the series, not during the tournament of power

  2. Wen will you make anime war episode 6?

  3. I got some crazy spoiler news. I thought about it and after the spoilers dropped for these next few episodes, I HAVE to talk about it. I messaged you the details, but yanno that was just part of it. I'm about to cover something huge!

  4. I think Vegeta might get UI but will eventually lose. Because dragon ball has always been about Goku. And it wouldn't make sense for Vegeta to fight and win against Jiren because, firstly, Goku is still there he is not eliminated! makers won't just let him stand there and watch. Secondly, Goku couldn't beat Jiren when he first went UI so how could Vegeta? Plus Goku has used UI twice now so he has a better chance of perfecting it and obviously we already know they hyped up Goku's form that in the end it will be just like usual Goku being the Hero and beating Jiren. But I am a bit worried that Frieza is still around he might kick Goku out at the end when he is exhausted.

  5. Toriyama is obsessed with puns. Seriously "Paparoni"? 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. how far ahead is the manga guys and where do you read it, send a link.

  7. Am I The only one that thinks Gohan is going to win the Tournament Of power

  8. Bro!!!!!! You are fuckin awesome 😍😍

  9. you mentioned number 18 and 19, Gohan, Vegeta, & Goku but not Frieza. He is still in it.

  10. U3 trump card is to bring back Ribrianne to stop people from watching dbs

  11. Gohan, should get Ultra Insane, Mega Apache Berserk Combo × 10 Instinct Kaio-Ken SS Blue. He's basically A God. 🤗

  12. MaStar Media do u remember me I was early to ur other video

  13. Universe 3 lasting longer than U6 is Super disappointing and horrible writing.

  14. I'm sorry, he just posted what he was reading from on the screen right? How is it he always manages to ignore words that are there, or throw in words that aren't. It in no way said fusion on the screen. It said Ultimate 4 Way Union. NOT FUSION. So………wth?

  15. i wanna see gohan getting wrecked by jiren

  16. I think vegeta will challenge jiren to try and gain ultra instinct like goku did. It has to be that

  17. Spoilers – Vegeta is going to get the attacking half of ultra instinct. Goku and vegeta will fuse with potara and Then ulta instinct vegito will have both the attacking and defending halves. Then vegito will beat jiren.

  18. I️ say untimely it will come down to…
    Gohan vs dispo
    Frieza vs toppo
    Goku, vegeta vs jiren
    Gohan vs dispo because they are the 3s in their universes, and I️ think gohan would have to use his battles smarts to out do dispose speed.
    Frieza vs toppo because frieza really hasn’t had a shot to show off just how strong his golden form is. Plus it’s mr good guy vs the ultimate evil guy.
    Goku and vegeta vs Jiren because whis foreshadowed if they could work together they could beat anyone.

  19. Bitch say kamehameha right for god sakes

  20. I saw thumbnail Gohan and i got hyped.But when i watched just some robots…

  21. If you look at the DBS intro, there is a panel where there are the majority of characters holding a dragon ball. Krillin held 1, Tien 2, Roshi 3, Piccolo 4, androids 5 and 6, and Frieza has the 7th. This could be the order of elimination

  22. My least favorite universe with the robots i was like mehhhhhh

  23. give us freeza fight someone seriously ffs

  24. Can't wait for episode 122 😀

  25. N'oublie pas de vous abonné

  26. Just A Thought: If Universe 7 win and wish back all the universe's back. Wouldn't the Grand Priest and Zeno get mad? Because the whole purpose of this tournament was to get rid of the universe's with only one remaining. Remember, all the universe's that participated were going to get erased. In a way Goku gave them a fighting chance. Just a thought.

  27. Maybe Vegeta will fight the fused robot so Goku can continue healing to fight Jiren?

  28. I think Vegeta should get his own thing like Gohan will it just wouldn't be as unique of transformation if he gets it in my opinion

  29. What is universe 11 doing while this is going on, just sitting back sippin beers?

  30. They should honestly give people like Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta some screentime. This whole tournament as been garbage because of its constant focus on Goku.

  31. it said they wanted to win with numbers. and it said is successful BUT wrong they wouldn't be successful unless they actually win the tournament man like seriously. and fck vegeta count yourselves lucky hes in the show and wasn't killed off by krillan in the saiyan saga.

  32. Whenever i see yur channel master you progress your way to 1M subscriber. Hats off for your hardwork and dedication.

  33. 1/7 is gonna take forever to get here…

  34. 6 is more than 5?! What! My life is a lie!

  35. 17 gets taken out in 119 as the "sacrifice" piccolo slips off in 120 then 18 gets taken out in 121

  36. Nice theory on the robots already fused

  37. Piccolo already got his moment anyway universe 7 needs to loose members I don't care how is done but they need to do it or else it would feel like universe 7 is too overpowered. They keep knocking out other members but they continue to make it through. I wish someone would eliminate Goku so there would be more stakes in this tournament. For universe 7 to loose its strongest fighter Goku. Losing Piccolo won't amount to nothing but Goku that's a different story. I am not hating on Piccolo but that's the truth honestly. I also believe Piccolo is holding back Gohan and for Gohan to get serious they need to eliminate Uncle Piccolo.

  38. Don't you all get the feeling universe 11 is too laid back

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