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Genos vs Sea King – Animation Breakdown

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Watch Genos vs Sea King – Animation Breakdown Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Make one where he changes his face. Ty

  2. Master media when is anime war coming 5

  3. Is there an equivalent animation movie/show/anime in 3D? I really like those distortions and smears!

  4. This is great, Thanks I'm learning animation now and it really help to get a exact example of how it can be done !

  5. It easier to animated with hand draw the pose and stuff then Doing it with digital! Most of the studio used 2D Animation by hand draw instead because it easier to draw each frame. But then, One Punch Man is few anime that were animated Digitally and it quite impressed to see an anime which completely all digital.


  7. DUDE!! I love these videos.. Great Break Down.

  8. Can you look at the "saitama vs subtinarians" battle

  9. what website are you using for the art

  10. 19:20 just because you don't have the ability to draw perspective like that doesn't mean that they traced/rotoscoped it. all it takes is a good understanding of perspective and this scene is easy/doable.

  11. do rock Lee vs gara breakdown please

  12. I hate to break it to you but the 360° camera shift isn't that impressive. The way they did it was building a simple 3D model of the location with an animated camera and using that as a guideline vor the animation later on.
    Nonetheless, this is a great piece of animation but doing this all from scratch would have cost them way way more time and the changes in the background wouldn't have been as accurate.

  13. You're an hypocrite, basically you did nothing else than copying all the battle performance with music you didn't made yourself (as long it has your ginormous Logo [EGO] on it it's fine, right? I asked if you could upload my video before you even saw it, but you ignored me than I asked again when you gave me your warning but you ignored me, so thanks for the copyrightstrike. Needless to say unsub and good luck…

  14. Mastar Media, Another thing i wanted to ask or suggest was if you ever thought of using 3d models then trace/ vector your animations untop of that. I know cowbow bebop and naruto did trace animation for fight scenes. As in they would have someone do "fight" choreography, film it then trace the movements on paper( or computer). Also With 3d animation you can get some amazing angles that you can trace from.

  15. Mastar media, i wonder if you'd really benefit from going to Japan and under studying or shadowing an animation company for a couple days like a work-cation

  16. why don't you just make your own anime I have a feeling that it'll be pretty dope

  17. why don't you just make your own anime I have a feeling that it'll be pretty dope

  18. I am your early fan, I subscribed you when you only has 8000 subscribers. When the first time I watched your videos, I knew you have a lot of potential of it. Keep on what you're doing! I swear their will be much more fans comes for you!

  19. Hand drwan frames is always appreciated. No CG.

  20. you should break down the final fight in one punch man

  21. can you some dceu movies just to see the difference in American animation and Japanese animation.

  22. One punch man > dragon ball z why they don't talk they fight 💯

  23. I like one punch man better than dragon ball z for one reason they fight they don't talk all the time they actually fight and get it done not talk about how they did the move how they beat them like that naruto bull but I get naruto cause people wanna know how thy did that but don't give us no. Sad story there a sad story for every person thy fight 😂😂

  24. Please do a break down on Mob psyco

  25. Hey Mastar, these animation breakdowns are great, they go hand in hand with your animation studies for your own animations

  26. You should do Fate/Stay Night UBW Season 2 Lancer vs. Archer

  27. in and out of the crack lmao 🙂

  28. Breakdown boros vs saitama animation,
    lot of people can't catch what happen when they fight on top of boros's space carrier

  29. Anyone else entertained with how he pronounces Genos? It sounds like MaSTAR is mispronouncing Jeans, and I find it absolutely hilarious.

  30. hey geekdom u do know that u look like Santana lol

  31. Hello! Can you tell me, what kind of software is the best to make such kind of animation? I know, how to work in Flash, but I don't like the way, in which you modify the vectors (I prefer editing similar to Corel)… You use Premiere in this video, I think?

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