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Frost VS Android 18 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Preview Video // Breakdown

Frost VS Android 18 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Preview Video // Breakdown Is Available on

Watch Frost VS Android 18 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Preview Video // Breakdown Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. well we all seen now that frost knocked him out after finishing those 2 U4 warriors. FREIZAAH

  2. Well this hasn't happened yet and it's episode 100 so…

  3. if i am not mistaken, android 18 is a very strong woman… remember when she defeatd vegeta before?

  4. Krillin gets to amped trying to protect 18 and either kills or breaks the rules lookin out for bae

  5. disqualified bcoz of his technique."Destructo Disc" not allowed to kill.???? i think so…..

  6. krilling going to kill someone thts my thought

  7. Krillen is going to get DQ because he's going to cut Frost in half and kill him while he's fighting 18. He'll have Freeza flashbacks

  8. i know why kuririn why he was Disqualified because he use flight that one of the rules that you cannot use flight and u can only flight. because your body parts

  9. No. 18 has trouble with frost but she can break Vegeta's arm But Vegeta defeated frost with ONE PUNCH!!!!

  10. Title Frost vs 18 but talk about Krillin… daduq…

  11. Im calling it that frost beats the shit outta android 18 an krillin snaps cuz he reminds him of frieza an kills him. Lol pretty dark but it makes sense if you think about it.

  12. May be he fly's to save 18.

  13. Android 18 wearing master roshi glasses?

  14. Krillin uses the solar flare I think and Android 18 wearing sunglasses so she doesn't get blinded from it Think about it am i wrong or right I think I'm right‼️⁉️

  15. Spoiler warningg krillin doesent make it he get off:(

  16. krillin will kill invisible guy by mistake with one of those 3 slice things

  17. they really should give piccolo a power up

  18. can you just cut out the goku intro voice? it literally sounds funny …. dont do this Mastar please!!

  19. They took krilin only so he could die instantly from jiren looking at him so jiren would get disqualified , seems worth .

  20. Episode Title: Krillin TRUE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!
    5 minutes later…..Krillin gets removed from the squad. For using glasses

  21. WHAT IF
    Frost whoops datass of 18, Krillin from behind gets pissed and fires destructo discs, killing Frost by a rage accident from behind.

    Either that or both him and 18 are damaged alot. He gives her a hidden senzu and gets disquallified knowing it.
    or something touchy like that.

  22. The dog is smelling what the Rock's cooking.

  23. Ssj Goku>Final Frost>Base Goku=>=18.
    Unless 18 is much stronger than Base Goku, Frost should beat her, by logic and he also got a buff like everyone else needed for plot.

  24. I certainly think they will draw on the caveat from Hit's conversation with Frost, when he was recruiting him for the Tournament of Power.

  25. I think that frost might be beating 18 badly and Krillin gets pissed off so much that he uses distructo disc on frost and cuts him in half like how frieza cut himself in half

  26. know it's probably going to be the sunglasses that get him DQed, but I really hope he chops someone in half.

  27. Android 18 vs Frost is going to b a great match up which android 18 will win.

  28. I think it may be his destructo disk and it's a deadly weapon/attack

  29. I have a theory that Krillin kills someone to get disqualified and that person you ask? Jiren 😄😄

  30. Wonder if Gogeta will be in this maybe Goku's new form isn't enough I mean look when SSB was introduced it was still weaker than Golden form doubtful he will be the fusion dance isn't a item so who knows but like I said unlikely Goku's form isn't enough I'm sure Goku will win in a epic and hard fought fight

  31. Im still pissed master roshi and tien or krillin were chosen over goten and trunks

  32. The Fox Guy looks like Delfox from Pokémon X and Y.

  33. 18 can't kick frost's ass because piccolo is stronger than 18 and piccolo was also getting his ass kicked by frost


  35. "And bird guy over here," lmfao

  36. maybe android 18 gets disqualified but krillin decides to take the punishment

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