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Frieza’s Evil Intentions in the Tournament of Power

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. first of all.. you are all wrong! for using super dragon balls you need to know god language.. lol.. that only gods and angels knows😂😂

  2. can they just wish for a million wishes from the super dragon balls lol

  3. Frieza will regret going after Kale if he gets her mad

  4. Frieza: I wish to be stronger then Zeno so I could kill them

    Dragon: that wish is to high for my power

    Frieza:oh shit

    Zenos: Squish

  5. frieza has 24 hours to live the tournament of power is for 48 hours he is going to run out of time

  6. what if Zenno angel said that there are Stipulation on wishing for on the dragon balls an there are wishes that he cant wish for

  7. Frieza's plan is going to fail and I won't be surprised if Kafla or even Jiren rings him out in another episode. Also I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being Vegeta ringing him out.

  8. Frieza doesn't know the language of the gods to ask zarma, the grand priest will need to translate and i don't think the grand priest wants frieza to become stronger or be a menace to the gods.

  9. They could use the dragon balls to wish for Frieza to become good instead of being evil.

  10. Na i wouldn't want them to just have Goku win and Frieza s goes to hell. There would have been no point of replacing buu and having Frieza there with those intention.

  11. Will u continue anime war
    if not pls continue goku vs superman or remaster son episodes from goku vs saitama s1

  12. I agree we all have to remember Frieza has doing metal training to kill Goku and I want him to be super strong. I want him to fight someone powerful soon.

  13. Am I the only one who realizes that jiren and goku fight in the intro Looks totally different from the one that we seen ?

  14. Still, don’t let Jiren distract you from the fact that universe 1,5, 8 and 12 are not in the tournament of power

  15. Freezer didn't the namekian language, let alone the ancient God's language, so freezer is delusional and dreaming while awake.

  16. As far as I Know frieza is the 3rd Strongest in the tournament behind jiren and goku … don’t say vageta is stronger bc we all know Frieza will beat him unless vageta gets a new form

  17. Bro have you forgotten about android 17 or what

  18. Omg my phone battery dies faster than yamcha while watching this.

  19. Does Frieza knows the language of Gods , cuz to speak to the Dragon he should know Language of Gods

  20. Man this guy freiza is made to be so basic, like what gods will exist if all of the other universes are erased, he'd get a chance to control Beerus, but idk after that. I feel like Freiza is waiting for a big fight to Cherry pick Jiren after Goku and him fight. I find it strange that Gohan who is seemingly presented as weak might have to face frieza, and Frieza who is presented as seemingly not using energy as you say…I almost think Goku will put his faith in someone at the end

  21. frieza should turn into a good guy

  22. He wants to eliminate the saiyan race and rule the universe.


  24. Even if frieza was able to make a wish he doesn't speak God language to Grant his own wish even if he had the grand priest order to make the Wish Grand priest would deny the wish

  25. Do you really think Freezer can out class Whis? Mastar what are you thinking.

    For the last time the tournament of power results will be the same. Nobody is looking at that

  26. Let's pretend that universe 7 wins, what I think it's going to happen is this:
    Same as in the past of DB, when the dragon asks for a wish, he will do it first before anyone. Some stupid wish creating a whole new saga, which is boring as fuck and very predictable.

    The real thing that people should be talking about is the fact that somewhere there is a super god, the creator of the super dragon balls. They are still active, in other words the creator is alive. The dragon uses the god language and that's how I know the creator is a god but the most important point is that the dragon can do pretty much anything, that's why I also think that "god" is SUPER POWERFUL because the dragon balls are as powerful as their creator.

    In other words, this god is the father of all nameks.

  27. I think if goku beat jiren and universe 7 wins and goku had the best performance and use the super dragon balls to resurrect the erased universe. Thats when the new arc comes the 6 universe's and jiren becomes goku friend cause he revived the universe jiren came from

  28. he will most likely go up as the 3rd person left if not vageta

  29. Where do i go to watch the one hour special

  30. I thought there was a limit on how long can freiza stay at the TOP… I guess it's 24 hours..? What happened to that??

  31. If he wins he will wish for eternal life and i think he will win

  32. your forgetting something. Mastar he cant make the wish on his own. he doesn't know the language of the gods

  33. I feel like his gonna wish to become the new Zeno

  34. Dude why? just why! Who cares about your opinion. All you YouTubers are all over this shit. Fuck your opinion, we don't need you. Get off YouTube

  35. Yo jiren could end this whole thing they all would have to,and literary all universe s would have to team against jiren to defeat him probably. But if goku and his team possibly lose,cabba team would have to win promising vegeta that he would wish back his world or the other way around but jiren could win this whole thing

  36. Shiid 17 ah beat the shit outta Freezy plz believe me

  37. damn u need to get laid or a woman..u talk bout all this way way too much let the damn series play out..Damnn!

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