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Frieza, You Traitor! NEW Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Spoilers

Frieza, You Traitor! NEW Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Spoilers Is Available on

Watch Frieza, You Traitor! NEW Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Once again, ur theory turns out as bullshit.
    Stop making this kind of video, just do ur review and animation will do. Ur predictions are cancerous and inaccurate, please stop with this bullshit for the sake of the dragon ball super community thanks.

  2. que paso con el capitulo 6 de anime war estan bien chidosporfas sigue subiendo

  3. Rochi was a beast in this epidose

  4. What if Frieza & Frost are 2 missing members of Universe 4? Had secretly switched sides from the start.


  6. Wrong Roshi gets taken out in 107

  7. If course vegeta will break out of the seal…He destroyed the freaking hyperbolic time chamber…which according to the anime is an entirely different dimension….and the demon seal jar is also said to be an entirely different dimension…so…if my facts are correct…My boi vegeta will think about the time chamber and do that ki control that he's been doin and bust outta there….but that's just a theory….A DRAGON BALL SUPER THEROY😎

  8. Vegeta has broken out the hyperbolic time chamber twice so think about an they say it's hard to do

  9. I, for one, want to see a Silver Frost.

  10. i bet it is all frieza's scheme to get frost eliminated.. and its normal for frieza to do so… convincing frost that they are joining forces and at end moment frost will himself get into a tight situation.. we know frieza is not a person to be trusted

  11. @MaSTAR Media, but Frieza is from universe seven I doubt you could change teams once its started already, technically if they did betray everyone after Goku and jiren are fighting then even if they all got eliminated frieza would still be on the platform so they can't be erased. I'm curious what kind of crazy ending is gonna come about I don't think goku will be the last one standing I see him getting tricked into elimination and on the sidelines pissed lol

  12. This is the main reason why I wanted buu instead of Frieza in the tournament. Frieza is too fucking predictable and everyone knew he was gonna betray u7 long before we got the actual spoilers about it.

  13. I swear if vegeta gets eliminated I'll stop watching dzbs

  14. not a shocker frieza is never to be trusted

  15. Vegeta has been crossing dimensions since hes.been breaking down the walls of the hyperbolic time chamber. That's another dimension tjat you can only cross with extreme power to rip dimensions

  16. inb4 Vegeta breaks free from his jar, stomps frieza and then gets stomped by jiren…

  17. when you're gonna do goku vs superman part 2

  18. And FYI,you can't keep saying certain ppl or certain races can or can't achieve a gohan or higher power level that's for the creators to decide,if Android 17 can go from weaker then first form cell to ssj god tier anyone can achieve any strength…jusr saiyan.

  19. I think freiza is tricking the other universes by pretending to betray his verse just a thought.

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