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Frieza Reborn

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Hold up I didn't see this episode before

  2. honestly if I was vegta I would say fuck the universe I'm not fighting with the man who humiliated/exterminated My planet, My Father, My People and my self. then I would proceed to putting the piece of shit back in hell

  3. no doubt about it it's a tournament my prediction Vegeta and Frieza Vegeta will defeat the freezer again?

  4. I don't think that you would have the chance to see Goku going after Frieza if he defected.  He stole the kill from Vegeta once.  Vegeta won't let that happen a second time.

  5. Did anyone else get the sailor moon vibe when Frieza transformed into golden form?

  6. Freeza killed his own man in FnF.

  7. I wanna see vageta Beat the brakes off of frieza

  8. Frieza should be god of destruction. Makes sense to me


  10. if you give me heart um… frieza will turn into android 9000 ( what XD)

  11. the latest news …. master media is the most subscribed channel on the godtube.

  12. Like in tfs when cell says "just punch me you beautiful saiyan bastard!"
    It looked like Frieza was about too say the same 😂😂

  13. Wtf are you talking about? Goku literally tries to stop Frieza and get him to go with him with instant transmission. Frieza just flat out doesn't care about Goku desire to leave before finishing his "warm up"

  14. actually he killed alot of people in the resurrection f series he blew up the entire city behind him and when he powered up he killed alot of his men and also he killed piccolo so no the last time he killed someone was not the namek saga

  15. If you think of it… all they need to do now is resurrect Cell and it would be considered a complete reunion-gathering.

  16. why are you takin sooo long for anime war eposide 5

  17. If you remember in resurrection of f saga, frieza only lost because he didn't take the time to master his golden form. Even though his power was stronger than goku's but he ultimately lost because since he didn't master his golden form, he ran out of power.

  18. i heard Yamcha would be the new 10th member……….

  19. Would have been nice to see Kid Buu face to face with Frieza with those two being the most purely evil beings in Dragon Ball history…

  20. frieza join unverse 11 then when tournament beggins . he comes back to universe 7 so universe 11 get disqualified and he says
     to goku : supp body i just got rid of a whole universe and it havent even start yet

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