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Frieza in the Tournament of Power

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  2. y'all guys are crazy!! frieza ranked 3 or 4? no way consider this guy only trained once in his life and is as strong as super saiyan blue I would say he is tied with goku for the number one spot!! stop down playing frieza if he trained all his life like goku, do you really think goku has a chance?

  3. What if… Frieza wins the tournament of power? I think he will have a change of heart. He has seen the fight for this universe, and he realized that he needed to help more.

  4. Freeza was able to escape sidra's energy of destruction and goku wasn't. So freeza definitely is in goku's level if not stronger. It was stated that he was able to train his mind while in he'll. So he's definitely much stronger than from what he was during his battle with ssb goku

  5. Frieza won't let anyone kill goku he would be like he's mine to kill no touch him he want the pleasure of kill goku

  6. Bro when is the release of anime war -dragon

  7. They should capsulize the 400x gravity room and throw it into the Room of Spirit and Time

  8. So if frieza fuses with frost .. will he implode like goku black and the kai? Like because of the whole dead thing or will that be his loophole to not go to hell again?

  9. freeza is destined to fuse…

  10. freeza is destined to fuse…

  11. They haven't got a clue! Freeza is probably 3 after Vageta. Gohan is not near him or on par with goku or vageta. These dopes think they know more about dbz then anyone. No way!!!

  12. What if they bring bck cell and have him absorb one of the gods or the universe fighters and unlocks a new form

  13. Well no bc if they get jumped by the universes they will join together to beat them … Freiza and goku

  14. frieza the new God of destruction

  15. as a kid I always dreamed of having Super Saiyan powers, above all the other fictional universes, Dragon Ball Z was my favorite.

  16. golden frieza is the 3rd strongest pluse might be able to take vageta.

  17. Let me quote TFS Vegeta about the Beta Males in reference to Frieza when he sees the other Saiyans.

    "Oh my god… they're breeding."

    Frieza on the level of Cell from TFS Abridged would be the greatest version. Period. Not good, not evil. But more Neutral….. than evil. Not good though.

    Tournament of power 50 Minutes = 100 Episodes.
    Frieza Fight 5 Minutes = 10 Episodes

  18. hello master please put out episode 5 of anime War

  19. Gohan,Goku, Frieza, Vegeta

  20. Anyone else think Frieza will become a god of destruction for one of the Universes ?

  21. first of all in resurrection movie goku was 3 times stronger than frieza…..and now up to tournament of power frieza is equal even when goku still was training get the fuk out of here they know they fucked dragon ball super up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit don't make any damn sense at all.

  22. can you guys help me reaching 100 subscribers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. friezas power scaling is broken, they try to justify his broken power scaling by stating that he never trained and was born as strong as he was in the namakien saga of dbz,in the resurrection of f saga frieza was stronger then ssb Goku the only reason Goku/Vegeta won the fight was because frieza wasn't used to his golden form, currently in dbs it seems as if gohan is on par with ssb Goku but ssb kaioken Goku is stronger then gohan, Vegetas level at this moment is unknown as is gokus arguably, and don't get me started on the universe 6 saiyans

  24. man we on episode 97 now.dude yall behind.

  25. wat he is strong as goku is now.maybe stronger

  26. He sounds more like stewie from family guy than freeza

  27. I think that if Goku gets close to getting knocked off, Frieza will help him because he'll feel that he won't let anyone kill goku but him

  28. That sounds nothing like Frieza guy was super annoying and said alot without saying much of anything.

  29. 22:00 They did that already, sadly in GT… but already is a thing

  30. …..or maybe vegeta wins and the team decides to give him the super wish and he brings back planet vegeta and brings on a new arc…..tht would be great

  31. Did UnrealEntGaming say Golden Freiza was weaker then Goku and Vegeta? LOL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I hope he knows that Freiza was fking them until he ran out of stamina since Golden Freiza had little stamina control but now with the mental training hes at least Gokus SSB Kaioken level or a bit lower.

  32. dragon ball z is looking sick day by day… every character are getting stronger too damn high…. even tien is stronger than super saiyan goku … :v wtf

  33. i feel like frieza would pull a vegeta and be like "ONLY I CAN KILL THAT DIRTY MONKEY" and will save goku

  34. yes freeze will get blue form remember freeze got more forms than saiyans and yes he fot a power boost

  35. lol found out how much stronger he is thanx to the latest episode lol its pretty kool

  36. that lord frieza is dumb, he heard goku and gohans fight was awesome and the fight hasn't even happened yet when they recorded this. lies lies lies

  37. who watched todays episode 95

  38. What will happen when frieza first realized ask blue kaioken

  39. hahahahaha look at the dude just giving up on responding at 17.48 xd

  40. after reservation f gohan fighted goku and goku was super sayien blue and gohan was holding his one

  41. i think that frizea is not going to betray goku he will help but at the end he will want to have a rematch

  42. As much as I dislike your face, voice, and channel. I continue to find myself here watching these videos. Damnit.

  43. This makes no sense to me. Is there any evidence that the producers of Dragonball Super will, or have ever, changed anything as a direct result of fan influence? If not, then the answer to the question, where would you put Frieza in terms of strength is purely dependent on where the producers decide to go with the show.

  44. what happens to angels when universe is destroyed like where they go like do universes be reborn cause they supposed to wait for a upcoming God of destruction??m

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