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Female BROLY Revealed in Dragon Ball Super

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Watch Female BROLY Revealed in Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Hey guys don't forget to check out my video on the New Gods of Destruction

    Also, Anime War is TOMORROW!!!!!

  2. is she the legendary super saiyan from another universe?? wow didn't expect such a beauty to go super hulk- i mean broly… 😂

  3. It could be that they wanted to make it clear that the Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation is different from the regular Super Saiyan Transformation.

  4. Broly – Male/Broccoli
    Colly- Female/Coly flower

  5. what if she's brolys daughter?? think people think.

  6. Everyone always says they can't bring Broly into canon bc Toriyama didn't create him. Why not? If Toriyama likes the character all he has to do is have someone like Vegeta or Goku say "Wow she looks like Broly." Boom Retconned. I don't think Toriyama ever said, "Anything not made directly by me is sh*t and has no hope of ever being canon." For the longest time GT was the official canon and Toriyama wasn't all that involved in it.

  7. Well we have seen the emergence of particular past characters and homages to unexpected dragonball moments. I think the tend will continue considering trying to appeal to long time fans and trying to capture new ones. Tarble I believe was mentioned in super when trying to find fighters for Tournament but not sure. I just remember vegeta saying he doesn't know where he is. Seeing he's the only saiyan with a tail left, I would like to see him re-emerge and him still javing tail could be an added factor to justify this Broly type transformation. Along with disorder of Lunch. One hypothesis suggest that the stronger the saiyan is, the stronger or more potential offspring hybrid has and is why trunks and goten became ss so early. Also a hypothesis is hybrid have more potential than parent. So it would fit if this was by chance the case. Now how they would meet, well her last relevant appearence was in the short film YOU SON GOKU AND FRIENDS where we see Tarble and Lunch in the same movie. At the end you see Tarble wife in disgust and shock over the eating of the full blood saiyans which may lead to tension cause you can imagine how inspired Tarble would be on the contrary given him witnessing the power levels of goku, His own brother, and even their kids. He would not only want to possibly go back to embracing his saiyan nature but also would want to be with someone who he can reproduce such powerful offspring with. You actually see a scene where Lunch is standing right behind Tarble. What if they didn't leave earth right away and during the time until dbs begins, tarbles wife leaves. Tarble is heartbroken and Lunch comforts since she's the only other single lady around and knows his potential so when Tarble finally leaves, Lunch joins him since tien didn't want her. Added mention, Lunch character design is similar to that of bulma..trying to be like big brother

  8. if shes evil why would she even agree to coming..

  9. Girl Broly reminds me of that scene in Rick and Morty where they do steroids and get jacked to just beat the shit out of everyone they hate.

  10. would be good if they wished for broly but as a nice person then ask him to join the tournament

  11. Dragon Ball Super has shown that there's different classes of super saiyan with the additions of super saiyan blue and rose. So who's to say her transformation isn't in a class of it's own. Because her transformation clearly isnt normal super saiyan.

  12. LSSG x KAIOKEN? Limit broken Goku.

  13. So no ones wondering about the pink fat ass whom vegita is fighting? Like seriously? lol

  14. Who else wants the legendary God broly? I do

  15. Broly becomes a transgender 😫😫😫

  16. I love how she looks so innocent to begin with, and then transforms into a monster!

  17. wtf this broly looks like sh!t, for fuck sake i could had made a better looking female broly. Dragonball super is so dogshit, even DBZ was better, the animation here looks like fanmade. i wonder if they ever will write a script for DB, and not make shit up as they go.

  18. What if female Broly name is "Gine". aha Just a suggestion ^-^ (i know Gine from universe 7 also **** mother)

  19. Hopefully she trains with Goku, Vegeta, or someone else to achieve SS Blue. She will then most likely rekt all known saiyans.

  20. Just imagine what happen if she will face master roshi in the tournament.

  21. so she brolly becomes he brolly when powering up. I bet she grows a dick too

  22. Female Broly identity = GF on her monthly…

  23. btw the first saiyan girl in series is pan

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