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Fans are Outraged at how WEAK Goku is Portrayed

Fans are Outraged at how WEAK Goku is Portrayed Is Available on

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  1. At this point goku super saying blue seems so weak that even Saitama can beat goku

  2. i personally think that if ssjb was correct to its actual power against ssjg with the 50x multiplier,it should whoop everybody's ass

  3. Wow ppl…. Goku is simply testing Krillin's nerves and showing him what ssb looks and feels like first hand. He has full control over his ki in ssb and isn't looking to kill krillin. Just because someone appears to be holding ground against ssb doesn't mean ANYTHING. THE SAME DBZ LOGIC CARRIES OVER TO DBS. This isn't hard to figure out. This video confused everything. Goku is simply holding back! He can do this in any form, but ki control is at its greatest in ssb. Now when fighting 17 he said he had to go above ss2 to match him, so he went ssb, but still was holding back. Now when fighting krillin, he went blue because 1. Ki control is at its most precise levels 2. He wants to show how it looks and feels to be in the presence of ssb, thus testing krillin's nerves 3. He doesn't want to demoralize his team before the tournament, he wants to boost confidence by having them spare against a 'god'. 4. Why not go blue if it means perfect ki control? Why not show off his abilities to his team some? There's nothing mysterious, confusing, or anything about this. Dbs rocks and I like the direction they took into the angelic hierarchy of power levels. Just because someone APPEARS to be holding ground against ssb, doesn't mean they are by a long shot. Goku can go from 0.00001% to 100% in ssb form, SO WHY NOT USE IT FOR A SPARING TOOL? And finally to wrap it all up, everyone has gotten stronger over time and have seen many epic battles in which they've learned from.

  4. Super saiyan 4 is stronger than Super saiyan blue…

  5. Goku and Vegeta ar Weak They Get All They Power Only From Transform SSJ They can not Defeat an an Anemy with out SSJ

    (Sorry bad Einglish)

  6. if any of you think he weak look at the whole sega rn goku don't have a scratch on him he not trying nor is he weak he just saving his power

  7. remember when SSJ 4 Gogeta fought against omega shenron
    thats how SSJ Blue should be

  8. it's still just little above 9000

  9. the androids have a cap, because they're half mechanical they can't keep getting stronger, as for freeza, this has been proven, is race is powerful by nature, fighting comes as easily as breathing to being like Freeza, many people have speculated that if Freeza actually trained, he would be that strong period.

    edi: keep in mind, DBS is also dealing with god level powers at this point

  10. super sayan green girl beat the living crap outta goku super sayan blue…

  11. even in the movie, it was trash…..golden frieza was obviously stronger. blue is just a stepping stone because this is pretty much their preliminary training with whis.

  12. Y'all fucking stupid goku just holds back all the fucking time he hardly ever even transforms he just likes making fights interesting look at android 17 vs universe 2 fucked them up clean also goku is literally tanking hits in base form with no damage he's not trying because the only people can hurt him are hit frieza and vegeta

  13. Fuck the ki control argument
    Goku is now a bitch.
    Goku now is officially the worst charecter to me in dragon ball super. And the sad part is that I'm not even joking.
    1- Vegeta
    3- Beerus
    4- Android 17
    5- Piccolo
    6- everyone
    Lastly Bitch ass Goku.

  14. U have to remember black gets stronger every time he's hurt

  15. Goku in Super Saiyan blue his power level is way more than a billion i am talking like the much 100"000"000"000"000"000"000"000"000 ya that much

  16. Because Goku fans are the worst stans in the series so annoying I remember when after the cell arc Gohan wa supposed to start to be the main character and the strongest in the series Goku fans sent death threats to the creators next thing u no gohan got nerfed

  17. I am sure other people have had this thought, we all know how strong Goku Can be in Blue with and without Kai-Ken. But in blue he has complete control of his ki. I think he didnt use much of his power on purpose as a tactic to get Jiren involved to get a sense of his power. Goku comes across as a dumb-ass sometimes yes but never in strategy of a fight. Compare his Kammahameha vs Kale compared to Rose or Zam before Vegito scenes. There is a massive difference, Goku could have taken out Kale but instead he is "training them" so they can take other fighters, Goku already knows he can take them both out. Blue isnt weak and you know how Goku is, he does not use his full power unless he must and even then go powers up in stages because he loves the thrill that comes with fighting. And be honest if Goku went HAM full power from the beginning he could have eliminated multiple fighters from the beginning but then he would be at a disadvantage at the end. He doesnt have to eliminate everyone on his own use your heads

  18. It's not the "left" or the "right" it's the fact that Goku isn't as strong as people think he is. Sure he's given Beerus a little work out and defeated Zamasu but he just isn't on par with the strongest mortals. There's a mortal who is stronger than gods (which clearly isn't Goku yet,) who is presumably strong enough to make even Beerus fear him. When he gets a new transformation (because Akira would lose out on new merchandise sales if he doesn't make a new one,) it is going to definitely be in the top 1% of mortal levels maybe even equally matched with some of the weaker gods of destruction. Super Saiyan Blue just isn't the absolute perfect form people make it out to be. In fact the only two special things about the form is that he has perfect ki control and that the form uses god ki. But it might not be tapping into as much god ki as it could, which I think would be the next form, like the true super saiyan god or something along those lines.

  19. The writer said the recruitment arc was supposed to show the other universe 7 members as being strong
    He was trying to hype the other characters
    But he ended up fucking up goku and all
    But still the goku vs make fight recently is no excuse
    That was bull

  20. To be honest I think that DBS is insanely worse than any other series of Dragon Ball because of how everyone is portrayed.

  21. I like to think that as ssb sice ssb is all about controlling your ki, that he can raise and lower his power, and he lowers it to spare with krillin to see how krillin is more accurately. and only when he knows he has to, is when he uses is full power

  22. if goku and vegeta get hurt by a normal human im going to kill my self then dragon ball super is so mest up

  23. thats my hate about dragon ball super also as dbs

  24. oh yeah i cant believe mashines can be god of destruction

  25. the vid are so great but the power lvl is so off

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